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Fields of Practice - Research Paper Example

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Fields of Practice Paper Name University Abstract This research paper deals with the field of practice in the area of child labor. The research has been carried out with an objective to identify the different types of abuses faced by the under-aged and immature children that hampers their freedom and growth…
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Fields of Practice Paper
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Download file to see previous pages The research study also aims at identifying the changes in approach towards the child welfare activities in the community. The role of the government departments and the organizations in supporting the activities of the social workers has been analyzed in this research. The findings of the research have been used to support the existing information in the field of practice of child welfare. The research also aims at highlighting the increasing participation of the social workers, counselors, therapists, administration and other professions like doctors, engineers, law professionals, etc. in order to support the activities of child welfare. Introduction Child welfare is a set of services provided to protect the young and under-aged children from the conditions of abuse and neglect and to bring stability to the families. The various forms of child abuse may be of different nature, such as the physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, abandonment, neglect and substance abuse. The federal laws have set up regulations for defining the abuse and neglect towards children as any act on the part of the parents or the care takers that leads to death, physical harm or sexual assault and also mental torture due to abuse and neglect. The laws also aim to identify any act of negligence towards the children that exposes them to possible harm and agony. The acts of neglect and abuse towards children are generally defined in the federal laws as acts of abuse on the part of the caretakers and the parents. Any acts of abuse caused by the outsiders and the strangers are not included in the law. The child welfare activities are aimed at protecting the children who are immature and under-aged from the irresponsible and cruel activities of their caretakers. The child welfare activities establish the rights of the children against the willful and selfish activities of the society in exploiting the children (Pecora, Whittaker, Maluccio and Barth, 2012). The acts of child labor are an example of the child exploitations in the society. Thus the child welfare activities are aimed at safeguarding the children with the contributions of the members of the society. The activities of child welfare include wholesome work with the victims that are the teenaged section, children, offenders and the society, at large. The victims are mostly under-aged and not matured to establish their rights against continuous exploitation. The child welfare activities aim to protect these children from exploitation for individual purposes (Hendrick, 2003). The work also involves the elderly people without whom child welfare activities would not be completed. Definition of Fields of practice The research problem in this study of the field of child welfare practice is: “What are the different types of child abuse? What are the child welfare activities that are carried out to ensure child protection? Is there any change in the approach of work in child welfare activities?” The research problem is the area of concern for the workers in the field of child welfare activities (Kufeldt and McKenzie, 2003). The important changes in the field of child welfare practices could be identified with the help of this research. The government agencies and the non-profit organizations have come forward to support the social workers who are actively involved in the field of c ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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