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Is happiness an emotion or a state of mind: an examination - Research Paper Example

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‘ Happiness; an Emotion or a State of Mind Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Happiness is composed of momentary feelings people have when things are going the right way like when the weather is beautiful or when an individual’s team wins a major game. To many people, happiness is the ultimate treasure sought after for a full and satisfying life; nevertheless, the pursuit of happiness could be a primary obstacle to experiencing happiness…
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Is happiness an emotion or a state of mind: an examination
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Download file to see previous pages Happiness can be considered a feeling that originates from within an individual, which is not surprising to many people; therefore, from a general stand point, happiness has two meanings, the initial meaning being a relatively detached assessment of the overall well-being better regarded as mild somewhat intellectualized satisfaction of the way things are going in people’s lives. Lack of strong relation between objective circumstances of life and their individual evaluations continually pose a problem in study of well-being. Therefore, in considering this state of mind happiness is also assessed as an emotion because it is made up of momentary emotions, which are able to change overtime. Therefore, happiness can be considered a sum of momentary emotions because positive emotions increase happiness while negative emotions decrease happiness. The extent to which positive emotions overcome negative ones describe an individual’s overall level of happiness, which is proportional to time and intensity with which emotions are experienced (Manz, 2003). Therefore, emotions, feelings as well as states of mind are the basis for studying happiness since they are universal and common to people because many biologists agree that men like other animals share basic emotions lie fear of an enemy. Nevertheless, while experience and expression of emotions and feelings is universal to humans, the display of emotions varies across cultures. There is little harmony between psychologists and philosophers concerning dynamic of sentiment regarding well-being or emotion of happiness. An extended process of striving and making progress regardless of how fast brings about happiness or slow it is toward achieving goals and this way of looking at the basis of happiness contrasts attaining of goals. This is so because the success of getting what people think they want is apt in producing only short-lived satisfaction. This form of triumph often leads to suffering since people are often inclined to over-value what is considered essential (Baucells & Sarin, 2012). Even when people gains appear to be greatly desired, such success soon fades and people cannot live happily in the past; thus, happiness and satisfaction about a person’s well-being are leavened by realities of living. The state of mind could even be mixed with sadness since gaining one goal may interfere with gaining of another goal which must be sacrificed in an attempt to achieve competitive success at the expense of social approval or family love. The insight that happiness about well-being are by-products of a continuous process of doing and striving implies, which imply there is no sensible way of seeking this state of mind as a life goal. Thus, happiness does not depend on objects of enjoyment because it is a state of mind and an emotion resulting from contentment, inner peace, joy and fulfillment (Baucells & Sarin, 2012). Various people in the past have attempted to define happiness throughout history with philosophers and religious thinks often considering happiness in terms of flourishing, living good life instead of an emotion. Positive psychology on the other hand considers happiness to be amalgamation of positive emotions as well as positive activities since it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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