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How Can Happiness Impact a Positive Lifestyle - Research Paper Example

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Happiness has been a subject of philosophical discourses since time immemorial. It has been discussed by Greek and Roman philosophers, in folklore, religion, songs, and ancient cultural literature. The writer of this paper analyzes how can happiness impact a positive lifestyle…
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How Can Happiness Impact a Positive Lifestyle
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Download file to see previous pages Man would do something because of happiness (Aristotle, 2002, as cited in Philosophy of happiness, n.d.). In this sense, happiness is the primary force that motivates a person to do a particular act (Philosophy of happiness, n.d.). Generally, a person would do an act because he or she will gain happiness from it. Thus, even the performance of some acts which to the majority would be painful is committed by others because such acts provide them pleasure and happiness (e.g. subjecting oneself to pain, as done by masochists).
According to Veenhoven (2006), happiness refers to the total appreciation of one's overall life and fondness of life. It is a state of mind and measurable only by asking particular questions to the respondent (Veenhoven, 2006). Studies on the positive impact of happiness on longevity have presented greater variability due to the differences in baseline data and broadness of groups and subgroups. Although it may not be possible to generalize that happiness can make a person live longer, the outcome of the studies presents that happiness can protect a person from becoming ill (Veenhoven, 2006).
While everyone may know the meaning of happiness, there are differences in how a person views happiness. Thus, the end-goals of each person in attaining it would be different. Also, depending on the persons’ definition of happiness, they will have to do different things to experience it. Happiness though may be gained in exchange for something. Other persons have to work for years before they would consider themselves happy. This can be seen on people who would see a successful career or an executive position in the corporate environment or completing a certain degree as the gauge for their happiness. In this sense, it would take years, or even decades before they consider themselves as happy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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