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Emotions and Powerful Nations - Essay Example

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An essay "Emotions and Powerful Nations" shall analyze the emotions and the role they play in shaping international politics. Emotions play a very important role in international politics. The dominant emotions play a huge role in governing internal and external politics…
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Emotions and Powerful Nations
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Download file to see previous pages Different such groupings can be predicted from the extant literature. Notably, the four countries differ regarding their cultural values, which in turn are suggestive of the prevalent beliefs regarding power. Specifically, the two European countries and the United States are typically categorized as individualistic cultures and Japan is categorized as a collectivistic culture.” (2005) Different cultures deal with different sort of dominant emotions which are prevalent in their societal background. This paper shall analyze the emotions and the role they play in shaping international politics. Emotions play a very important role in international politics. The dominant emotions play a huge role in governing internal and external politics. Emotions have played an omnipresent role in international world politics. There have not been many studies which have recorded the impact of emotions in international politics, but that does not go to say that emotions have not played any role in shaping and defining world politics. In fact, emotions have been at the forefront shaping the geodynamics of international politics. During the terrorist’s attacks on the twin towers, a lot of emotional rounds were doing in the USA and other European countries with regard to the reaction of such attacks. The Government of USA was emotionally charged after the 9/11 attacks took place. The Government understood the emotions of the people who were extremely outrageous at that moment and the people of USA wanted revenge with respect to the attacks in Afghanistan. “Many of the subsequent political actions, from the swift US-led wars of response in Afghanistan and Iraq to the suspension of basic civil rights and the legitimization of torture, would not have been possible without the highly emotional impact of 11 September and the equally emotional governmental appeal to defend the world of good against the forces of evil.”(2007) People over the world have neglected the impact dominant emotions have had on nations, but it is pertinent to understand that emotions have played a major role in shaping international politics. Security as a Dominant Emotion: Many people throughout the world are afraid of their security. This is an emotion which drives the internal policies of many different nations. If we look at the USA and Russia for example, security plays a different role in these countries with different outcomes. In the USA, security is a major emotion which has driven the attack on Afghanistan, Iraq and now the threat to Iran. The culture of Fear: “Numerous modern philosophers have long drawn attention to the key role that fear plays in projects of political renewal. Politicians have, indeed, always used fear to manipulate the population in the manner that served their particular interests. Hobbes even went a step further. Fear, he believed, not only leaves strong marks on public debates and policy-making; it can also serve as an important source for collective political and moral foundations.”(2008) Fear has played a crucial role in determining the standards of international politics. It is the idea which the politicians have built in the minds of the people and then they have responded by providing the answers sought by the people of the country when thrown into the sea of fear and skepticism. It is often discussed that fear has been at the center stone of decision making of different nations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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