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(Name) (Instructors’ name) (Course) (Date) Social Construction Race as a social construction whether cultural or physical, exists as part of experience in humans. It occurs as hierarchy and ethnic differences. The recognition of differences can be deepened as interactions amid different groups…
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Download file to see previous pages In many instances some groups acquire privileges above others upon the root of their ethnic or racial differences, actual or perceived (Dikkster 233). For instance, the membership enrollment in tribal governments based upon blood quantum within Native America is a good illustration on how race is used as a social construction. If a person has incorrect blood quantum, he or she may be refused program-services that they are legitimately entitled to. Having the right blood degree elevates pride in being Native-American. The hierarchy construction or meaning concerning ethnic or racial differences can occur for numerous reasons, although a main stimulator is often political, economic, or social power. Competition for reserves or the ambition for better privilege often triggers the social-construction of ethnic or racial hierarchies (Dikkster 234). These ranked classifications are afterwards utilized to institute, develop, or uphold hegemony or dominance of a faction over others. Those at the subordinate end of prospect, noting their shortfalls to racial classifications, may acquire a heightened perception of group-identity to confront the social-constructions of the privileged (Dikkster 235). Writing Assignment 5 Yes, I was aware of the Hernandez v. Texas story and I first learnt about it from a history class as well later in the series itself when it was released in 2009 (A class Apart….). ...
Texas story is not part of American Civil rights Discourse is, though a exceptionally Latino civil-rights court case (the only oneto reach high-court as well as to have won a favorable judgment for Mexican-Americans), the case was stained by murder. Justice had to be served since Hernandez murdered his boss following a heated disagreement in a grotty-cantina within Edna, Texas and he was found responsible for manslaughter (A class Apart….). In comparing the Hernandez v. Texas story with the political-discourse surrounding undocumented workforces, the Hernandez v. Texas verdict was valid since Hernandez was actually guilty of slaughter(A class Apart….). On the other hand, programs emanating from the political discourse that permit local law enactment to share arrestees’ fingerprints with the ICE (Immigration Customs and Enforcement) agency to inspect their status as well as criminal account for conceivable deportation have seen persons with minor offenses being deported, instead of being directed to extremely dangerous as well as violent offenders (Lee, par 6). The offenders even with minor offenses are deported because they are Mexican and not because their offences are dangerous. This is racial injustice on the unfortunate (Lee, par 7). The impact of such a heavy enforcement approach on Mexican Americans is that it implants a culture of dread in Mexican Americans, undocumented workers, as well as other immigrant communities (Lee, par 8). Additionally, such policies have not been in touch with the actuality of immigration trends as well as the injustices erodes the trust between law enforcement and the Mexican Americans (Lee, par 9).This fear and mistrust of the law forces can create tension as well as result in more racial subjugations and constructions. When ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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