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Content Analysis on the growth of the slow food movement in the U.S. through urban agriculture - Research Paper Example

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Content Analysis paper on the growth of the slow food movement in the U.S. through urban agriculture Introduction Urbanization can be defined as the proportion of the population of a country living in the urban areas, leading to a decline in the population in the rural areas…
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Content Analysis paper on the growth of the slow food movement in the U.S. through urban agriculture
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Extract of sample "Content Analysis on the growth of the slow food movement in the U.S. through urban agriculture"

Download file to see previous pages As a result of such food habits the urban population across the developed countries started to suffer from diseases such as Diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. As the rural areas started to decrease the amount of vegetation in developed countries also started to go down. Therefore in order to maintain ecological balance, various environmental activists started to encourage the concept of urban agriculture. Also various food movements were initiated by various health and environmental activists across various developed countries to increase awareness among the people about healthy diet. One of such movement was the slow food movement initiated in 1986. The present study looks to analyze the cause effect relationship between the urban agriculture and slow food movement in USA. The study looks to explore the presence of any significant impact of urban agriculture on the recent growth of slow food movement (Tracey, 2011). As mentioned above due to increase in urbanization the level of vegetation has gone down. Also the majority of the people residing in the urban areas are suffering from diet inequality. Therefore various environmental activists are encouraging movements related to vegetation and healthy diets. Keeping such factors in mind it can be said that the study is of great significance. The research question has been formed as: "What are the trends of Slow Food relative to urban agriculture in the U.S.?" Background In 1900, there were 6.7 rural inhabitants for each urban inhabitant on global basis. Presently, there is less than one rural inhabitant for each urban inhabitant on global basis. Forecasts show that by 2025, there are likely to be three urban inhabitants for two rural inhabitants. The rapid economic growth of the global economy and the economically active population working is the industries in the main reason behind such developments. The urban population of the world surpassed the rural population off the world for the first time in 2008. As far as United States is concerned, according to the statistics of Population reference bureau, an astonishing 79% of the total population of USA lives in urban areas. The agricultural production of the country has been able to meet the demand of the food of the urban population by producing green house emission intensive food. However, various studies have revealed that majority of the urban population living in USA face under nutrition on daily basis. A considerable proportion of the population living in US urban areas have such low income that they even lack the ability to produce foods. These people also get threatened due to the rise in the price of the staple foods. The challenge of providing nutritious foods to the city inhabitants is quite substantial. Attainting this goal, under conditions of congestion and growth needs the policy makers and capitalize on the opportunity to integrate the resource management and planning efforts. Also the policy makers need to understand the potential relationships between the urban and rural areas and anticipation of the changing demands of the citizens of the country. One part of the reason observed would be the growth in the Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture (UPA) is mainly due to the mobility and adaptability compared to the rural agriculture. As the cities are expanding physically, the linkage between the urban, rural and Peri-urban activities are beginning ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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