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Informational interview - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Informational interview I have always had the desire to help those around me. However, I am particularly empathetic toward the suffering experienced by adolescents in the society. As a consequence, I sought a major that would enable me work closely with troubled adolescents dealing with the problem of drug abuse…
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Informational interview
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Download file to see previous pages The experiences of my neighbor’s child, as well as that of his parents, showed me the severity of the problem of substance abuse among adolescents. I chose the Division of Juvenile Justice in the California Juvenile Justice System since it endeavors to assist delinquent adolescents; especially those dealing with substance abuse overcome their deleterious habits through rehabilitation. I chose this organization since it provides direct interactions with adolescents held under the criminal justice system. The Division of Juvenile Justice offers rehabilitation, treatment and education to youthful offenders up to 25 years of age. The institution provides vocational and academic education and treatment programs, which address criminal and violent conduct, substance abuse and mental health issues, while simultaneously offering a secure environment critical for learning (Payne 84). The juvenile justice system allows social workers to work as case managers for delinquents within the system. As a case manager I would be responsible for monitoring youthful offenders and creating and implementing treatment strategies. Case managers also coordinate with the Juvenile Court, parents, youth parole authorities and the Juvenile Justice System (JJS) and give recommendations for treatment, release or placement of juvenile delinquents in JJS programs. Therefore, case managers must possess a degree in sociology, and interpersonal skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication, good listening capabilities and empathy. Juvenile case managers also complete training programs in order to receive certification. I am immensely excited about getting a chance to talk with you today because I believe that you will provide great insight into the juvenile case management profession. I arranged for an interview with Ms. Eleen Davis, a case manager in the California JJS. The interview went as follows: Me: How did you gain entry into your present position? Eleen: After completing my bachelor’s degree in sociology, I applied for the position of case manager and underwent training before attaining my certification. Me: What aspects of the job do you like/ dislike and why? Eleen: I love that I am able to assist adolescents in need of treatment, especially for substance abuse. The job also allows me to gain insight into the perceptions of youthful offenders in order to find effective ways of assisting them. However, I dislike having to make recommendations for placement into JSS programs because this detaches adolescents from their families. Me: How can technology/demographics impact your position? Eleen: These elements will force me to adopt new roles such as that of a researcher to enhance knowledge of delinquent juvenile behavior. Me: In which direction is the organization headed? Eleen: The organization is expanding following increased rates of juveniles under JJS programs. Me: What salary range does this position attract? Eleen: Juvenile case managers are paid between $71,307.81 and $107,625.78 annually, depending on one’s level of experience. Me: Does the position call for additional training or educational attainment prior to promotion? Eleen: Yes, in order to be promoted to the position of a senior case manager, one must have a master’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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