Describe labor market trends and globalization as they relate to the job market. Explain the importance of networking in reaching your career goals - Essay Example

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This is partly due to the globalization trend in the business world. Gone are the days where one simply has to look at the classified ads section of the newspaper to find a job. One has to be more resourceful…
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Describe labor market trends and globalization as they relate to the job market. Explain the importance of networking in reaching your career goals
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Extract of sample "Describe labor market trends and globalization as they relate to the job market. Explain the importance of networking in reaching your career goals"

Download file to see previous pages There are several pros and cons of informational interviewing. A major advantage of conducting an informational interview is one gets first hand information about working in a particular job or industry (UC Berkeley Career Center, n.d.). It will give an idea of the career paths available for individuals in a particular field. Furthermore, one can get tips from professionals on how to prepare for a certain career. An informational interview enhances one’s communication skills and warms up one for a real job interview. It will be the beginning of establishing professional relationships with people who are in the same industry as one’s career (UC Berkeley Career Center, n.d.). Building of networks like these may later on create job leads in the future.
Informational interviewing also has its drawbacks. One must be careful about choosing the professional to interview. If the interviewee is a person who is not happy with his job, then the views that he might share may be biased and will affect the interviewer negatively. Another disadvantage is that some interviewees might misconstrue the informational interview as a request for a job. Some professionals may think that the interviewer is there to gather confidential data about him and his company.
The obstacles that will prevent one from conducting an informational interview include not knowing someone whom one can interview. Lack of contacts may make it difficult to get a professional to interview. In addition, there are some professionals who may not be open to the idea of being interviewed about their jobs. Not having the confidence to talk with a professional is another impediment for conducting the interview.
Preparing for an informational interview means having to do some research about the person one is going to interview and about his organization (Crosby, 2002). Visiting the company’s website will help a lot in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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