Food Deserts in Chicago - Research Paper Example

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FOOD DESERTS IN CHICAGO Tutor May 29, 2013 Issues of food security and food access are common social problems that continue to affect the global population. Indeed, the increase in global population generates direct food challenges that adopt various categories…
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Food Deserts in Chicago
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Download file to see previous pages Convenience stores and fast food restaurants serve as an option in the food deserts thus denying the reference population a healthy living standard. Indeed, the convenience stores and fast food restaurants serve fast foods, milk products, and cheap meat that contain high fat, sugar, and salt content. They also serve processed foods that include chips, soft drinks, and snacks which equally promote unhealthy living standards. As a result, the federal government and other institutions seek to reduce food deserts and their effects on public health. This paper will discuss all the aspects of food deserts in Chicago, USA. Food deserts are seemingly most common in rural areas and inner cities and specifically a review of five high-income countries published in the July 2009 confirm that food deserts exist in the United States of America.2 Food deserts relate to communities of poorer health more than communities of good health. In fact, a report by the US Department of Agriculture define that a significant number of American citizens have limited access to affordable nutritious food due to the fact that they live far from a large grocery store and cannot access transportation to the grocery store.3 Most assuredly, the demand for and access to affordable, nutritious food catalyzes the food desert problem. Indeed, a food desert consumer’s decision to seek and increase their consumption on groceries relies on their ability to access, afford, and their perception towards groceries. In a food desert, there is scarcity of food and the available foods are of low quality and high prices.4 Worth noting is the fact that in food deserts, healthier foods that include vegetables and fruits are more expensive than unhealthful foods which include fast foods, soft drinks, and high fat foods. However, consumers in a food desert do not rely on their individual food preferences only but also on physical and financial factors relating to their lives. Indeed, factors like high crime rates in certain areas limit the customers from accessing the few food retailers or supermarkets that deal with groceries. Actually, in the United States, food deserts situate in urban and rural low-income neighborhoods, where residents have limited access to supermarkets or grocery stores that provide healthy food choice. As a result, there is need for a safer environment and better transportation to curb the effects of food deserts. The distance factor is seemingly the most dominant physical aspect that influences food deserts in US. In fact, a report by the Economic Research Service of the US Department of Agriculture confirms that approximately 2.3 million people live more than one mile away from a supermarket and do not own a personal car to access the food store.5 As such, this puts them in a food desert since they have limited access to fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low fat milk, and other foods that define a balance and healthy diet. More so, this was clearer when the First Lady Michelle Obama took time to address the food deserts issue in Chicago because the residents had to use several buses to access fresh produce stores.6 Indeed, food deserts are a civil rights issue in Chicago. Another factor that affects food deserts is rampant ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Food Deserts in Chicago Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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