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Sociology statistic paper - introduction, literature review and hypothesis - Essay Example

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Name: Course name: Instructor: Date: Sociology statistic paper Introduction The aim of this study is to find the relationship of income with sex, race, marital, education, job satisfaction and health. Income is the money which we use to purchase the things that we desire…
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Sociology statistic paper - introduction, literature review and hypothesis
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Download file to see previous pages Life satisfaction is affected by income, sex and marital status. Strong association exist between income and health, health indicators are used to perceive the general health. Health gives mental and physical fitness hat is very necessary to do work well at the job (Stronks, et al. 592-600). Woman’s jobs are most difficult but they are more satisfied than man and their income also greater than man’s income. For the identical job men and women has different level of satisfaction and salary expectations, woman has more job satisfaction and salary expectation (Clark, Andrew 341-372). African Americans and poorly educated cannot derive maximum happiness from specific level of income. Black people have to suffer in finding the prestige occupation but they work hard and get high prestige occupation and income (Diener, et al. 341-372). Education leads towards high level of income because they have such skills that are rare and they take high pay for these skills. Literature review A large number of studies have been conducted that finds positive relation of income with sex, race, marital status, job satisfaction and health. Income relate to the subjective well-being because it helps in meeting universal human needs of nutrition, good health. Finance correlated with the living standards, higher will be the finance higher will be the living standard and high living standard leads towards life satisfaction and this will lead towards good health. People develop a standard of income according to the income of people who are related to them and then they develop their life style according to their income (Diener, Ed, et al. 341-372). Woman and black people have to suffer in their career to get high prestige occupation, they work hard and show their full commitment towards their work and get occupational prestige. No doubt they have to suffer but they did what they want because they have more stamina and work hard and get the jobs that provide a good salary package. Mostly black people and woman are at the executive positions (McGuire, Gail 501-524). House wives cannot do work efficiently because there are so much stress and depression in their personal lives. They have to manage their house, children, husband so, there is so much work pressure on them, they cannot concentrate on their job. Married man has two major sources of satisfaction one is family and other is job but married woman has only one source that is family, sometimes she become the source of frustration in family if she is a working woman (Radloff, Lenore 249-265). Job satisfaction tells the employees level of satisfaction. Those employees who are more satisfied are more motivated and committed towards their job. They work hard and get a handsome salary package. Organization provides many fringe benefits to the highly satisfied employees, those employees who are satisfied from their jobs are also satisfied from their lives and have a good health. Managers who are working in govt. and private sector see the job satisfaction as a way to increase the salaries and fringe benefits. They think that the only way to increase the salary is to increase the job satisfaction. They will be more motivated from fringe and financial benefits and raise the level of human performance and the quality of products and services (Al-Zoubi, Marwan 1-12). Highly educated people get prestigious occupation, they are more wisdom and have great ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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