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'The criminal justice system and its agents are gendered'. Focusing on ONE criminal justice institution, critically discuss - Essay Example

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Criminal Justice System Gendered- Police [Author] [Institution] Introduction The progress and development of every country is dependent upon strong judicial and law enforcement system. A country where law and justice are prevailed in true spirits is seen to be progressing by leaps and bounds…
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The criminal justice system and its agents are gendered. Focusing on ONE criminal justice institution, critically discuss
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Extract of sample "'The criminal justice system and its agents are gendered'. Focusing on ONE criminal justice institution, critically discuss"

Download file to see previous pages Fairness and unbiased provision by courts is imperative and essential to sustain equilibrium in expanses. It is often deemed that the regulators of criminal justice system are mostly men. The role of women is minimal or zero which is an alarming condition (Neubauer and Fradella, 2010). The purpose of this paper is to analyze the conception of criminal justice with regard to gendered role in the implication of system. What exactly is the police culture and what kind of external and internal interactions matter while maintaining justice system in the region. Gendered Spectrum The role of males is eminent in controlling law and order situation in the countries. The job description of criminal justice and police signify that it is a risky business therefore men should be the front row participants. Women were totally neglected conventionally in the past. Even to catch women convicts, men had to arrange operations. Changes in the traditional setup were brought in the later days but still the position is not satisfying. The major role of bringing alteration in the system was played by feminist activists (Barak, Leighton and Flavin, 2010). They believed that equality in criminal justice system should be maintained hence women role in different law enforcement agencies is important. They should stand along with men and the creation of separate women wing must be endorsed by government and courts. In 1996 first female constable was seen in the world. The efforts of feminist activist finally made roar when their demands were looked upon by the courts of United States and British Empire (Harris, 2010). The circumstances however did not bring promising change; as per the Fawcett Society Engerding Gender Report of 2012, around 27% women are there in the police department. The upbringing of women in police department is indispensible. The conservative mindset present suggests that women are not powerful enough to handle critical circumstances of criminal justice. Their expertise does not lay in the respective field as naturally they are physically different and are not appropriate for the police job. Moreover the natural phenomenon of attraction of men towards women creates problem for police officers. They would be harassed by men and also would lose focus on their job (Muraskin, 2010). The Police Culture The police culture rampant in most parts of the world suggests that it is a tough job where only men can survive. Handling crucial and critical state of affairs is men’s work therefore women should stay out of this. Mental toughness, competitiveness, aggression and tackling conflicts are some of the constraints of police work which are leaned to be lacked in women. The understanding of police duties is another big challenge as they have to perform several tasks at the same time. Police culture was consequently signified as impossible for women to grasp; only men are capable of handling police job perfectly. The tribulations of police duties are of complex nature and men are naturally dynamic to get over them. These assumptions let women in the police force far behind (Rader, 2010). The revival in police culture was brought later on by the inception of women in police role. Their core job responsibilities initially were not complex and prior training was given to them too. The acceptance of women in police job was theoretically accepted as studies on criminal justice advocated the need of vibrant women police ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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