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Women and Health - Essay Example

The notion of publishing the booklet was based on the need to have a publication intended as a course for women’s health. The argument behind this notion was based on the necessity for women to have a say about their own health. This was because there was a claim that women were frustrated and angered by not having a say about their own health, but instead, were kept on relying on the experts (Brehm, 2001). According to Brehm, this led the women to research and find information pertaining to their health on their own, which made Wendy Sanford write about abortion and Jane Pincus write about pregnancy (Brehm, 2001). Esther Rome and Paula Doress also contributed by writing about postpartum depression. The publication of this book achieved an unprecedented success, which can be attributed to the formation of the non-profit organization called the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective in 1973. It was during this year that a 276 page book was published titled Our Bodies, Ourselves which included first person narratives by women about their health related problems and experiences. The non-profit organization later adopted the name “Our Bodies, Ourselves” as the official name of the group. The women, responsible for the publication of the book and formation of the non-profit organization, concluded that it was better and more effective for women to address issues concerning their own health (Brehm, 2001). In the 1950s and 60s, women’s health problems were largely believed to have been the attribute

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Women and their Rights to Sexual and Reproductive Health
Women and their Rights to Sexual and Reproductive Health Outline Introduction Literature Review Argument Presentation Discussion Conclusion Most societies in the world, including the society in which we live in, have seen and considered the male gender role as the main authority who owns the power, control and influence in every social organization.
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Women Substance Misuse and Mental Health
Because f the significant behavioural, social, and emotional differences between treatment-seeking substance-abusing men and women, the findings from intervention studies that have focused largely or exclusively on alcoholism in men may not generalize to alcoholic women.
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A Literature Review on How Access to Health Care Affects Women With Disabilities in the U.S
Limitations and policy recommendations were issued as well. The future for women with disabilities seems hopeful. As baby boomer women age, they find that they need access to the health care system more then ever. Health care practitioners and researchers are coming around to closing the disparity between services offered to men and to women.
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Health promotion and prevention project for women
It is reported that about 45% of the US population is known to have one or more chronic illness and this illness account for 78% of all health care spending. It is evident that women of the age group 65- 85 relates to 80% of the chronic condition whereas only 33% of men of that age are known to have chronic illness
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Racism: Black African-Caribbean Women In The Mental Health System
This project is a research into the issues behind the economic exclusion that black and ethnic minority women experience in UK organizations today. It also attempts to examine the diverse experiences and aspirations these people have in relation to their work, including barriers to progress.
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Does Racism Contribute to the Over-Representation of Black African -Caribbean Women in The Mental Health System
In order to do so, this paper will identify the current positions held by these ethnic minority women in UK organisations, besides exploring how these women’s achievement are discriminated by their different employers. This will help establish the focus of this
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Special needs in Forensic Mental Health-Women
She has been sexually molested when she was a child and currently she is attempting to express her feelings and is able to at least talk about the people around her. Sue is a young
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Working as General Practitioner How You Stop smoking in pregnant women ( health Promotion cessation of smoking During Pregnency)
[1] Smoking also causes many female productive problems including: Smoking and using oral contraceptives can be very dangerous. It increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases
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Violence Against Women especially on Dowry Murder and Honor Killings.The Agents That Control Women's Reproductive Choice and health, especially on Government and the Global Economy
In chapter 3, some of the most serious points of focus that Burns raises are the agents that control women’s reproductive choices and health. Some of these agents of control include the global economy, the government and religious
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Health Needs of Women in the United States
Public health policy makers as well as general nurses and public health nurses are other classes of audience because the research objective
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of their sexual organs, which made women being taken through some lethal medical procedures. The problem of women’s health during this time was accentuated by the fact that all the doctors in the United States were men. This made it difficult for them to relate and understand the psychological and emotional toll that reproduction had on women’s body. This was compounded by the fact that these male doctors found it hard to intimately delve into the delicate nature of women’s anatomy (Brehm, 2001). Through education and social awareness campaigns carried out by women activists, women’s health care saw significant improvements in the service delivery. Specialized fields in medicine, which dealt with women’s related health issues and policies were formulated to help advance the plight of health care, which was primarily focused on the reproductive health. Consciousness raising groups in the 1960s and 70s were mainly influenced by feminist ideologies that were gaining popularity among women groups. Women movements in the US were characterized by an advocacy for women’s rights based on reproduction, domestic violence, and an equal pay in the work place and women’s suffrage in politics. The 1960’s and 70’s saw the rise of the Civil rights movement which campaigned against discrimination based on gender and race among other prejudices in the society (Brehm, 2001). This movement acted as a platform which women’s movements could be pegged on in an effort to further their demands for equality. The consciousness that brought about women’s movements was occasioned by the realization that women were as capable as men, which was promoted by their progressive participation in the two World wars. Education also played a key role in advancing this consciousness because it enabled women to learn about their rightful place and a role in the society. The book Our Bodies, Ourselves made a significant contribution to how society perceived women’s health issues. This was because it gave the society an opportunity to look into the issue from women’s point of view. This can be attributed to the subsequent publication of the book, which included personal testimonials of different women about their


Women and Health
The edition of the book Our Bodies, Ourselves began as a booklet written by twelve Boston feminists. The booklet of 136 pages was sold at 35 cents, and it was called Women and Their Bodies, which was published in1970 by the New England Press (Brehm, 2001). …
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Women and Health
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