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Is the Changing Attitude of Women towards Childbirth and Motherhood a Cause of Seeking Abortions - Term Paper Example

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The author concludes that it is the basic need to fulfill other criteria of life like career roles, lost trust in commitments, additional responsibility of single-handed parenting and emotional insecurity that has aligned them to think that abortions are the viable solution to unwanted pregnancies…
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Is the Changing Attitude of Women towards Childbirth and Motherhood a Cause of Seeking Abortions
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Extract of sample "Is the Changing Attitude of Women towards Childbirth and Motherhood a Cause of Seeking Abortions"

Download file to see previous pages While it is unarguably agreed that issues of primary health care have been resolved to a great extent, their mental health and its implications on their attitudes towards their natural roles have been neglected; the changing attitudes of women towards childbirth and motherhood are a major cause of seeking abortions in modern society.
Pointing out the correlation between abortions, illicit relationships and their risk to women’s health in Latin American women in “Clandestine induced abortion: prevalence, incidence and risk factors among women in a Latin American country " the report seeks to determine if these casual incidents of abortions are a major factor for their ill health. The rise in abortions during the regime of Reagan brought forth a study report that highlighted the degrading mental health of women as a major factor linking abortions. A pro-abortion Institution argued that it was women’s education and awareness of birth control as well as liberal promiscuity that caused drastic changes in decisions leading to abortions in society (2009). Although legalizing abortion made an impact on these figures, in "Sexuality, birth control, and abortion: a decision-making sequence." It is evident that changing trends in the attitudes of women towards their role as mothers and procreators that have actually made them seek abortions in the present society (1973). Abortion has been a topic of discussion for many thinkers. Not only the issues of women and their health but also a vital cause of concern for the whole society: mankind because it raises questions of morality and ethics in modern society. Comparisons in statistics of abortion making decisions with reference to geographical domains, educational standards, cultural and social backgrounds and as also the advent of technology in daily lives affected this issue of abortion to an extent unfathomable by most.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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