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Progress in Terms of Change in the Mental Processes and as Behavior Modification - Essay Example

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The author concludes that progress has not been whole of benefit to society. Although significant progress has been made, many social ills and environmental problems have emerged. Cities have expanded into wildlife areas leading to human-wildlife conflicts.  …
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Progress in Terms of Change in the Mental Processes and as Behavior Modification
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Extract of sample "Progress in Terms of Change in the Mental Processes and as Behavior Modification"

Download file to see previous pages The book highlights the numerous problems that have been occasioned by progress. Although significant progress has been made over the last century, it has not been beneficial to society as it has culminated into social and environmental problems which man has no control of. Progress has brought into the society a myriad of problems ranging from social disconnect in families, lack of concern for animals and the more glaring loss of control of the universe. Amy Goldwasser’s book helps highlight the glaring social problems that have been occasioned by progress. Although she supports internet use among teenagers, it is evident that there is a declining reading culture among the youth and general disinterest in their historical and cultural backgrounds. The book brings readers to attention of a fragmenting culture; where kids read nothing but only specialize in one area such as computers. Today’s kids are more concerned with their iPods more than anything else. Instead of reading, they are prowling the internet visiting social sites and adult content sites. Anna Quindlen is unmistakably appalled by human behavior when they come face to face with menacing animals such as bears. She gives a story that illustrates irrational thinking or behavior on the part of a man who came face to face with a dear. The man, excited because of seeing the bear, proffered a bagel to the animal as he wanted to take photographs of the animal. Of course the bear wanted more than just the bagel presented. Quindlen clearly wonders as to what kind of a rational-thinking man would do such an act through a rhetoric question. This story indicates that progress has not been beneficial to man. If it were beneficial, the man would have run away from the bear. Quindlen criticizes human behavior towards animals. She compares their behavior to that of immigrant Americans who mistreated the Native Americans. Just as the immigrants butchered Native Americans who did not cooperate, humans have erected abattoirs to kill those animals perceived as nuisance. Others have concentrated their efforts in eliminating bats found in attics.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Essay 2 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 3.
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