The Changing Roles of Men and Women in Families in Britain over the Past Half Century - Term Paper Example

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The author concludes that globally, and including countries outside Britain, there have been many progressive strides made in the women’s liberation movement worldwide in the past forty years. Different nations and cultures have different estimations of this progress within different structures. …
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The Changing Roles of Men and Women in Families in Britain over the Past Half Century
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Download file to see previous pages The family life cycle “divides the family experiences into stages over the life span and describes changes in family structure and roles during each stage.  The other concept is the developmental task.  Developmental tasks are the growing responsibilities that arise at certain stages in the life of the family” (Family, 2010).  This theory is based on the assumption that throughout their lives, people moved from different life stages. Theories of family development are very popular and show that this culture, at least, still looks in part to systems and theories to solve some of its more pressing classification and categorization problems. Traditionally the role of the state has been the role of the patriarch, as the enforcer of gender division.
In looking at how gender roles changed in Britain, the answer for this question is that in fact, the industrial revolution actually resulted in less work in the household, so technically less work for mother, but more work for women outside of the household. The basic assumption of the current investigation is that the industrialization process in Britain has been so innovative and rapid that it has not only brought new responsibilities, but also new expectations of women in and outside of nuclear family roles. As industrialization advanced, so did the statue of women, resulting in higher expectation for the mothers at home, but also higher expectations of the active-working women, both considered as one. Before women gained the right to vote, they were unequal in society in many ways. They could not basically participate in the government of the country, and they were barred from everything but the domestic sphere, which was where they were expected to stay. They were basically expected to take care of the house, do the cooking and cleaning, take care of the children, and let the men go out and vote because they weren’t considered good enough, smart enough, or independent enough to be able to do something like this on their own. It is ironic that some people even today are not independent or smart enough to do things on their own. But in other ways, history has changed, because women had enough of this situation of inequality and got involved in an active struggle.     ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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