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The Role and Education of Islamic Women in the Arabian Gulf - Dissertation Example

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This paper “The Role and Education of Islamic Women in the Arabian Gulf” analyzes the education of females in the Arabian Gulf, and how the efforts of women (both in the history and in the present) have contributed to the enhancements of female education and liberty in the Arabian world…
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The Role and Education of Islamic Women in the Arabian Gulf
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Extract of sample "The Role and Education of Islamic Women in the Arabian Gulf"

Download file to see previous pages In history, women played an integral role in the foundation of several Arabian education institutions, such as the University of Al Karaouine- founded in 859 by Fatima Al- Fihri (Beck and Reddick 797). This was a new culture that continued all through to Ayyubid dynasty between 12thand 13th centuries, a period when over 160 madrasahs and mosques were founded in Damascus, out of which over 26 of them were established by women via the Waqf system (trust law or charitable trust). More than half of all the royal patrons in such institutions were women. Consequently, rights and opportunities for female education rose in the medieval Islamic world (Jawad 149). According to Ibn Asakir, a Sunni scholar in the 12th century, female could study, earn academic degrees (ijazahs), and later qualify as teachers and scholars (Valentine 352). However, this was only possible and commonly observed in the learned, scholarly, and royal families, who endeavored to ensure or attain the possible highest education for their sons and daughters. Evidently, female education in the Arab world was an inspiration from Muhammad’s wives- Khadijah and Aisha (Beck and Reddick 782).
Aisha- Muhammad's wife was an essential source of hadith. Indeed, Muhammad encouraged his followers to receive half of their religious doctrines from her. All through the Islamic history, only a few daughters of affluent and royal families received basic education at home. However, most often, women were subject to exclusion from the formal education- high illiteracy levels were common. According to Beck and Keddie, Khadijah was a very successful businesswoman while Aisha was a renowned military leader and hadith scholar (796). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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