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Social Science Theory and Methodology - Essay Example

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Social Science Theory and Methodology Name Instructor Course Date 1. Characteristics of a modern nation state The nation refers to a culture group that resides within a political state’s territory. A group of individuals are regarded as a nation if they reside permanently in a given territory; they demonstrate some form of administration or government; there is a common culture binding them together; and they consider themselves as being independent…
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Social Science Theory and Methodology
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Download file to see previous pages However, governments are not usually in a position of exercising this jurisdiction exclusively, but states are in a position of encouraging or even forcing the human activity patterns to adhere to the political map. The constant growth in terms of complexities and size of the societies resulted to people seeking political organization as a first step within their clans on the basis of kinship, and then later in the tribes that composed of several clans, and lastly in the city-states. During the fifteenth century, we find that the city-states slowly started emerging as nation-states. It should be noted that a nation-state is regarded as a form of state that is present to offer a sovereign territory for a giver nation, and its legitimacy is acquired or obtained from that particular function. In the perfect nation-state model, the population is composed of the nation and that only; meaning that the state does not only house it, but also offers protection to it together with its national identity. There was not always the existence of nation-state, and majority of the nation-states that are present are found on the territory that at one time was belonging to another state that was non-national. Their existence came to be at least to some part following the political campaigns that were carried out by the movement of the nationalists (Sinisa, 2006). A good example of a nation is Japan since it has territories that are well defined, government and the people who reside there have a culture that is common. In addition, traditionally, the nation regarded as a good example of a nation-state as well as being the largest of all the nation-states, with a total population of more than one hundred and twenty million people. It should be taken into consideration that Japan as a nation consists of a very small number of the minority groups like the Koreans, the Ryukyu peoples, and the Chinese, and the native Ainu minority in the region of Hokkaido, which is located on the northern parts of the nation. Nevertheless, the Ainu are insignificant in terms of their numbers; that is their difference is not that distinct, even though the culture of Ryukyuan has a very close relationship with that of the Japanese. A good example of a state is Iceland because, even though the inhabitants are related ethnically to the other Scandinavian groups, we find that their national language and culture are only found within Iceland. In addition, the nearest land is very far away, meaning there are no cross-border minorities. The nation-state in the country expresses a common identity of its own people, as it has national symbols, and all in all, the national anthem together with the national flag is usually a wide range of the national emblems (Sinisa, 2006). It actually helps in the promotion of the national identity of Japan in nearly every area of social and cultural life of human beings, from the library at the national level to the national airline. In addition, it tries to establish and ensure the maintenance of a national unity, and at least an internal uniformity that is uniform. There is language policy and national policy that the nation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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