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Political views of rape on women and fraternities and rape - Essay Example

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Rape has a controversial definition due to the different occurrences that the act occurs. However, sociologists define rape as an illicit genital contact against the will of the victim…
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Political views of rape on women and fraternities and rape
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Extract of sample "Political views of rape on women and fraternities and rape"

Download file to see previous pages However, the worlds are evolving fast because currently, men are becoming victims of rape cases moistly by fellow men. Such incidences occur in prisons and are common compared to women rape cases. There are different types of rapes and they take up the classification name due to the nature of the occurrences. Researchers have not reached a conclusion on the exact causes of rapes and the motives of the rapists. Though several factors are outlined, they nay not be genuine and are still under debate. These factors include sexual gratification, sadism, and desire for power, anger, and evolutionary pressures. Unfortunately, these factors do not answer the question in the minds of many people who are extremely eager to get an answer on the exact reason and motive behind rape. Rape on women and social gender organization Psychologists and sociologists have brought forth all types of explanations as to why women are the major victims of rape in the society. However, their explanatory context do not portray the reality that the explanation provided by feminist fraternities have. This is because feminist believe that men rape women as an expression of dominance over women. Surprisingly, feminists reasoning could be true because the fact that men are usually more powerful politically, physically and economically supports the evidence. This old tradition of gender inequality has been dominant in men’s’ mind because they believe that they are the rulers of the world and could do whatever they please to women. The situation was worse during the slavery centuries where the superiors mercilessly raped female slaves without the women slaves. The trend is going on because presently rape cases are hitting the headlines of social media. However, rape cases are not extremely, intense during the past years. The situation has sobered due to the increasing opposition and awareness from social gender fraternities and organizations that are backed up by activists (Ladicola & Shupe, 2013). Though rape cases in women are not over the cases and intensity is diminishing because women are now empowered and can speak up, which is contrary to the past years where women refused to discuss the incidences due to shame and humiliation associated with it (Ladicola & Shupe, 2013). Political and government context on rape crimes against women The government has folded its arms and watched as rape crimes dominate the society without doing much to eliminate the situation. The judicial systems are not helping either because most perpetrators are set free due to lack of evidence (Clinard & Meier, 2011). The police also are the worst individuals to approach because they do not take rape cases seriously and end up dismissing these cases, which deteriorates the situation of the victims. All these factors contribute to the fact that the society do not recognize rape as a violent crime but rather rates it as a sex crime (Clinard & Meier, 2011). More so, the law contributes to the factor because it had a palatalized attitude towards women. However, this is no longer the situation because women movements have strongly risen up to promote the conception of rape as violence. This promotion has tremendously pushed for legal reforms and the judicial systems are handling rape cases seriously (Clinard & Meier, 2011). This shows that political and law systems are not contributing to curb rape ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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