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Mental Health and Recovery - Dissertation Example

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In the paper “Mental Health and Recovery” the author looks at physical and mental health, which are the primary components of happiness for people who are able to have an easy path towards an active, social and successful life. People who suffer from physical illness have to face a lot of obstacles…
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Mental Health and Recovery
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Extract of sample "Mental Health and Recovery"

Download file to see previous pages Even international alliances will have a greater impact on the way each airline operates, which may ultimately result in the emergence of more dominant players within the market. Thus the European Union and United State airline Commissions monitors each alliance carefully to assess each alliance so that no dominant player arrives in a route niche. (“Current issues arising out of airline alliances”, 1999) The competitive market is distinctly divided into type- the time-sensitive passengers and the leisure or holiday travelers. It is being observed that the competition is fierce in the time-sensitive passenger segment, so mostly the alliances are focused on targeting this market segment mostly. (“Current issues arising out of airline alliances”, 1999) So the commission is more focused on structuring and restructuring the rules and regulation for the mergers happening in this segment. This is mainly due to the prevention of a monopoly on certain routes. But still, it can be admitted that the co-operation between various airlines both on the international and domestic ground will facilitate healthy structuring of the entire air transport, will ensure improvement in the customer service quality and most importantly it will bring down the cost of operation of the airlines. Also, transnational alliances may be viewed as an important tool for full liberalization of air travel across nations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Mental Health and Recovery Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words)
Mental Health and Recovery Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words.
“Mental Health and Recovery Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words”, n.d.
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...) was incorporated in 2005 into the mental illness treatment system by National Institute for Mental Health (NIMHE, 2005). Walker and Avant (1995) model is employed in this analysis to prepare a plan for the recovery of mentally ill persons through the concept of social inclusion. This model has the following steps in its application: 1. Select the concept 2. Determine the purpose of the analysis. 3. Identify all the uses of the analysis. 4. Define the attributes, 5. Constructing a model case, and additional borderline, related, contrary, invented and illegitimate, cases. 6. Identify the antecedents and consequences 7. Define empirical references. (Walker...
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...? Mental health recovery affiliation Mental health recovery Mental illness is a of health where a person’s psychological procedures are altered by certain events. It involves the adaptation of one’s brain to something or an event which creates obsession. In some cases, the person affected may have difficulties, both in his social and professional life. The illness may be fatal, and sometimes it may lead to brain damage. However, according to Paterson (2010) if the illness is caused by an occurring event, it may be tackled by helping the person handle the event. This is referred to as the process of...
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...Implications of a recovery model for mental health services and for service users/survivors “Madness was a disease of the mind, not of the body, and there was some debate whether diseased minds might not be better treated by philosophers than by physicians.” (KENDELL, FRCPsych, 2001) Mental disorders occur due to various psychological reasons rather than physical problems. It is not caused by the attack of a virus or bacteria so that we can inject certain medicines to kill them and recover the full mental health. Because of the complexity associated with most of mental disorders, the recovery also depends on identifying and eliminating all these complexities one by one. So the mental health recovery may take more time compared... to a...
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...(1984; 1990) and Everett (1994). The concept of recovery thus stemmed from the idea of psychiatric rehabilitation which envisaged the process of recovery as inclusive of friends, relatives, community and the society as a whole (Ramon, Healy and Renouf, 2007). The most revolutionary part of this concept has been that the ownership and reliability of the recovery concept rested with the consumer at the primary level while at the same time growing as a comprehensive professional approach to mental health (Deegan, 1988). Engagement of the consumer Active engagement from the side of the consumer has been the key part of the concept of...
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...Mental Illness and Recovery Diagnostic Labels Diagnostic labels would hinder treatment. This is illustrated as, when we give some people the permission to behave in a certain way they would wish to behave in based on certain labels we give them, they begin to behave in that manner up to a point when that particular behavior will become part and parcel of their lives. For instance, if a father likes a daughter and calls her a princess and provides her with everything she wants, the daughter would grow up knowing only the princess treatment. It means, the daughter would end up not settling only with one man in marriage in case that man would not be able to treat her like a princess as her father used to...
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...Individual patients needs and personalising their care plans Department Individual patient’s needs and personalising their care plans Introduction Nursing care plans are vital to the standards of nursing care service delivery and interventions that are undertaken with the nurses in any health care setting. Ideally, nursing care plans are supposed to be specific to the patient as an individual. It should also contain details of intervention information, which has to be provided to help the individual service users in the recovery from their mental health needs and areas of challenges (Lee 2006, pp.1376–1382). Individualized nursing care helps the nurses in planning and evaluating patient outcomes basing on the individual needs... of the...
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...Elucidating the recovery model for mental health in Australia al affiliation Elucidating the recovery model for mental health in Australia Mental health is a field that has received a lot of attention over the past three decades, especially as a result of changes in healthcare needs. The demand for mental health services has increased over the years, thus calling for better approaches towards the management of mental health services. According to the NSW Consumer Advisory Group (2009), in Australia, the use of recovery as a means of dealing with mental illness gained prominence in 1992 after the endorsement of a national strategy for mental health. On July 12, 2013, the advisory council of the Australian’s health minister endorsed... a...
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