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Sociology 101: Course Writing Assignment - Essay Example

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WOMEN AT WORKPLACE AND SOCIETY Introduction The article "Women, Money, and Power" by Mundy as well as the article "The Truth About Men, Women, and Work" by Foroohar reflect the prejudiced condition of women at workplace. The articles are directed towards higher rate of unemployment among women, discrimination practiced at workplaces against women and changing trends of workplace participation and family responsibilities…
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Sociology 101: Course Writing Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages This implies a wave of change in a patriarchal society (Foroohar). While Foroohar states that women are victims of discrimination at work, Linda argues that women in US are fast acquiring the role played by men. They are becoming co- breadwinners and have equal say in domestic decisions. In this regard, women have certainly become equals of men. But this trend raises the question of men becoming inferior and resultant imbalance of dependency and sustainability in society (Foroohar). Evolutionary psychologies are of the view that modern society is going through the contradictory forces of Marxism and Darwinism. By dint of higher education, financial independence and power, women are now changing the social aspects that were generally associated with feminism. Social values instilled in newer generations are also changing as male family members are stepping in to raise children and perform household chores. However, the article by Foroohar insists that during the last decade more women were unsatisfied with lesser pays and rigorous work pressures and have opted to stay back at home, leaving the duty of earning to male members of family (Mundy). Labor, especially the office jobs involving both mental and physical labor are allocated more to men. In recent years more men acquired permanent jobs in higher- risk jobs in both professional and business fields. The picture is similar in both public and private sectors all over US. Participation rate among women is considerably lower than what had been promised by Obama administration. But in numerous families women are playing the role of male members, providing and supporting the family (Mundy). Thus, this phenomenon indicates a sense of competition between the genders. According to Foroohar, women’s productivity is restricted only to certain industries like “health, leisure and hospitality”, and also in temporary helps and private education. The fact that men are always privileged than women at workplaces reflects existence of gender disparity, irrespective of type and extension of organizations in US. Thus, the organizations and institutions as well as workplace cultures also contribute to the present situation. It has been observed that social status, position and power are more sought by working class people. These form the elements of macro perspective since they deal with society as functional whole and not individual entities (Foroohar). The trend further depicts the changing ‘role-choice’ behaviors within societies. The pattern of stress management, time management, “fluidity of social interaction, self- direction, and human agency inherent in the symbolic capabilities of human beings”, etc. has assumed newer forms with women taking over roles played my men. These signify a modification of sub-cultural aspects and standards of conduct, which are accepted by each and every section of society, irrespective of age, class, culture, religion, caste, socio- economic stature and race. Indeed, it is worth noticing that the need of subsistence has grown so great due to economic depression of recent years that it had compelled different cultures to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sociology 101: Course Writing Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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