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Review of A WORLD OF BABIES: Imagined Childcare Guides for Seven Societies - Book Report/Review Example

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Full Name Lecturer/ Instructor Paper/Task Date A World of Babies: Imagined Childcare Guide for Seven Societies While reading and researching the authors of this book have dealt widely with the daunting issue of child rearing by seven different scocieties. This work therefore aims at looking into the various cultural, societal beliefs plus practices concerning child-rearing…
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Review of A WORLD OF BABIES: Imagined Childcare Guides for Seven Societies
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, a recapitulation is also put forward. This review takes into account the nature and nurture scenarios in childcare and bearing in various societies. Authors deliberate on the need for proper guidance of children upon birth and the necessary responsibilities to be considered. A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF THE BOOK According to DeLoache and Gottlieb 2000, “…is principally by Western standards are poor, badly nourished, technologically underdeveloped, and (as has been already mentioned), victims of unthinkable mortality rates.” The book presents ideas on real child care guides as can be imagined. Western countries do not in any ways wish to explore the various changes that can be implemented in childcare systems in order to improve lives of children in underdeveloped world. Different societies in their own cultural practices hold dear certain intuitional triggers. Since time immemorial, they have helped them to distinguish between what can be compromised and held important about life. As stated by DeLoache and Alma Gottlieb in 2000 [xii], social institutions are something that “ make life manageable, safe, and fertile for the spirit.” Different societies, especially those seven ones referred to in this book, have vast beliefs on what dynamics, an idea or routine can bring to the nature and how significantly the aforementioned can nurture schools of thought. Diverse environmental exposure, social, biological or physical interactions offer noticeable ideals of life to a baby. The need to talk to an infant, name tags and how to address them is all dependent on belief. In addition to how well a baby should be taken care of from birth time through the dependency period to the end of childhood. While some societies believe in general upbringing without much attachment to the task, others believe in keen care-giving, wet nursing as well as religious aspects that will prevent a child from becoming a pagan or not. In the 17th Century America, Puritans believed that babies were born in sin and hence had to be guided with utmost strictness in order to grow up disciplined with acumen to avoid evil transgressions and contempt (DeLoache and Gottlieb 1). Meanwhile, as other communities believe babies should be talked to, receive daily births, be addressed honorably or even be ignored since they understand not a word, others believe they can be left under the care of second or third parties (DeLoache and Gottlieb 1-2). The authors reiterate that the childcare ‘manual’ is a provision to the Westerners with intrigue to comprehend child-bearing approaches in other distanced places. They ascertain that it’s not a manual to teach people on what to do about child-upbringing. In 2000, DeLoache and Gottlieb specified that “…our ‘manuals’ are directed to Western audience interested in learning childcare practices elsewhere” (19). Relevance to Anthropology. Anthropology deals with human activity, past and present practices. This book is relevant to anthropology as it elaborates and expeditiously explains on the effects of human beliefs in different societies as early as seventeenth century to even the present day human. Anthropology aims to obtain human knowledge applying it to solve social problems based on evolutionary history (American Anthropological Association, n. p.). Judy and Alma in 2000 wrote that: “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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