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Understanding Gender In Relation To Race And Social Class - Essay Example

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Race, social class, and gender are often studies as separate subjects. However, the three subjects are related and it is therefore difficult or impossible to separate them. …
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Understanding Gender In Relation To Race And Social Class
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Extract of sample "Understanding Gender In Relation To Race And Social Class"

Download file to see previous pages Society continually creates and transforms racial categories. Race is used as a tool for socially identifying groups based on physical differences (Lynxweiler, and Gay, 2000, p. 89). People who occupy an almost similar or relative similar economic rank will form a social class. Every social class will possess its own distinctive culture. Gender just like race and social class is a basic organizing principle of a society (Raffaelli, 2011, p. 34). Cultural and social definitions of femininity and masculinity are the basis of men and women treatment. These will form the difference in dividing labor, allocating social rewards and assigning roles. The gender system tends to deny both men and women the full range of human and social possibilities. Gender can be thought of in two ways. There is the Traditional Gender Roles Approach. History needs of the society and biology have naturally separated men and women into their distinctive roles in society (Anderson, 2007, p. 67). Gender inequality is usually because of behavior learned by individual men and women. Such a perspective ignores the most important aspect of roles. Roles are supposed to be unequal in resources, opportunities, and power. The other way gender can be thought about is The Family as a Gendered Institution. This perspective holds that gender is a factor in the practices, assumptions, and power dynamics of the institutions. Patriarchy is a form of social organization where women are dominated by men. Patriarchy will shape families the same way it does to other institutions (Liaz os, 2002, p. 34). There will be public, private, and capitalist patriarchy. A structured gender inequality will interact with other inequalities including class, race, and sexuality. This will result in sorting out mane and women differently (Agnew, 2006, p. 56). It is the same inequalities that will come together to produce differences among mane and differences among women. This means in general is that man will gain privileges at the expense of women. Domestic division of labor limits women’s occupational opportunities. This domestic division of labor is in the kind and amount of work done in homes by women. To better, understand Gender and its relationship to class and race. It is important to understand class, race, and gender’s structured inequalities. Gender, class, and race organize a society as a whole. They create a variety of contexts for family lives through the unequal distribution of opportunities in the society. Within these three contexts, various forms of stratification that will foster inequalities ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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