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Does a Focus on the Question of Gender Re-frame Our Understanding of World Politics, If So How - Essay Example

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The discussion determines if the focus on gender reframes our understanding and perspectives of world politics today. Feminist theories, issues of gender mainstreaming, the role of women in politics, and international relations theories will be critically analysed to achieve this purpose…
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Does a Focus on the Question of Gender Re-frame Our Understanding of World Politics, If So How
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Extract of sample "Does a Focus on the Question of Gender Re-frame Our Understanding of World Politics, If So How"

Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that just as a family needs a father and a mother, so too do these two genders need to be incorporated in the social, economic and political aspects of society. We have entered an age where men and women should couple their best leadership qualities to achieve greater results. Gender roles in the ancient society had been stereotyped based on what one was expected to do according to their sex. However, gender and power determine the success derived from the opportunities received. The historical male chauvinism where men dominated the force of power in culture, society and politics is wearing out. Women have become known and more respected in areas that were male dominated. Using their femininity to convey a different aspect of power, women have made the power between men and them equal. Equality in power and gender has been attained due to great men and women of the time.
This paper makes a conclusion that on a critical sense, issues relating to gender have re-framed people’s understanding of the world. We are in a new world where every race, gender, culture, ethnic and political affiliation recognises their rights and advocates for an equal treatment. Gender issues have refuted ancient philosophies that perceived women as weak sex and the male as dominants in all aspects of life. Today women have a voice. They almost equally contribute to life promoting processes as men. The old belief that the world was a ground of experimenting the strength of a gender, race, tribe or religion is drastically losing meaning. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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