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Assess the originality of Frantz Fanon's diagnosis of colonial subjects - Essay Example

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The originality of Frantz Fanon's diagnosis of colonial subjects Name Institution Introduction Frantz Fanon, a psychiatrist of French origin, applied psychological analysis to evaluate the impact of oppression in the nineteenth century focusing majorly on the oppression of the black Antillean and the Arabs of Algeria…
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Assess the originality of Frantz Fanons diagnosis of colonial subjects
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Extract of sample "Assess the originality of Frantz Fanon's diagnosis of colonial subjects"

Download file to see previous pages Imperatively, Fanon’s works display a unique combination of sociological and psychological understanding in handling the issue of colonization. The social structures created by imperial colonizers such as aggression, domination and general exploitation have an effect on the mental state of the colonial subjects in terms of their thinking and pathological behaviors. Thus, Fanon’s diagnosis of colonial subjects indicates that colonialism affects the natives both socially and psychologically. This paper will evaluate the originality and nature of Frantz Fanon’s analysis of colonialism and its impact on the oppressed. Frantz Fanon’s diagnosis of colonial subjects One of the fundamental aspects of Fanon’s diagnosis of colonial subjects is the issue of inferiority complex. Fanon indicates that the juxtaposition of Black and White races leads to a massive psycho-existential complex in which the Blacks are made to feel inferior. Fanon (1967) argues that the adoption of another culture’s language is the most notable way of completely assuming another culture in totality. In the presence of the oppressor, the colonized is led to believe that due to the fact that the native language is different from that of the dominating colonialist, then the colonized is inevitably inferior. The natives end up working hard to master the language of the oppressor to boost their ego and feel superior. It is evident that the oppressor controls all the resources and the oppressed individual learns that only the knowledge of the language of the oppressor will open the doors to freedom and prosperity (Mbembe 2012). For example, the natives of countries that were colonized by Britain inevitably learnt the English language and even made it to become their national language. It is imperative to note that the natives were psychologically conditioned to believe that the oppressor’s language was superior so much so that even with decolonization, the natives still use the foreign language. Fanon (1952) argued that the White people had “negrophobia”, a phobia that lay in the heart of the racism towards blacks. The whites reduced blacks to a level that perceived them as savages, no less different from the animals in the jungle that needed civilization. In fact, Fanon indicates that the whites considered blacks to have erotic and athletic superiority, a perception that literary compares the blacks to animals. He wrote that: “As for the Negroes, they have tremendous sexual powers. What do you expect, with all the freedom that they have in their jungles? They copulate at all times and in all places.” (Fanon 1967, p. 152) It is evident that Fanon had a unique perspective of how the oppressors perceived the natives. In fact, the colonialists perceived them as primitive beings, let alone thinking of them as equals. The view of the oppressors that the natives were equivalent to the animals in the jungle entered into the consciousness of the natives and eventually emerged as a collective catharsis in a neurotic form. The negative perception of the blacks by the oppressors made the colonial subjects to display symptoms of neurosis such as self devaluation, anguish and aggression. The colonial subjects were conditioned to see themselves as savages and the only way that they could be civilized was through becoming white by assimilation. For example, the male ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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