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Critically assess Fanon's approach to 'race' - Essay Example

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A CRITICISM TO FANON Frantz Fanon was born in Martinique which is an overseas region of France. His doctoral thesis, The Disalienation of the Black Man, was rejected and became the foundation of Black Skin, White Mask. The book was written to open the mind of the public about racial problems that other races, especially blacks, are encountering everyday of their lives…
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Critically assess Fanons approach to race
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Critically assess Fanon's approach to 'race'

Download file to see previous pages... During the time when the book was written, most of the black men were commonly treated and/or employed as slaves of white men (Fanon, 1952). Anti-colonial struggle can commonly be observed when the locals of a country are fighting not just for their independence but also for their identity. This is very evident especially in Algeria where Fanon went after leaving France. He went there after the publication of the book. However, the thesis of the book can be related to this. A colony can be considered as the black skin that is being ruled by the white mask who is their colonizers. After getting married to a French white woman, Josie Duble, when he started on a new path, he became more concerned with anti-colonial struggle (Fanon, 1952; Pritchard, 2004). The French colonized Martinique in 1695. Together with Guadeloupe and Saint Domigue, they were considered as the old colony. Their economies drastically increased in 3 decades after being colonized (Pritchard, 2004). Black locals though became slaves to white foreigners in the land where there were born and raised. Martinique has been featured in movies and considered as one of a traveller’s getaway havens with its location in the Caribbean. There is one statue at the Savane Park that catches every tourist’s attention. ...
On the pedestal where the statue stands, words were scribed with the use of red paint. The words written are “Respe ba Matinik. Respe ba 22 Me” or when translated to English “Respect Matinique. Respect May 22.” The date mentioned was the anniversary of the 1848 slave rebellion which steered the abolition of the slavery (Barnes, 2006). Respect is the keyword. Let the whites respect the blacks as they also deserve to be respected. Since being colonized by the French, the people of Martinique looked as the minority in their own land. Instead of them capitalizing on the produce of their lands, they only tend the land for French capitalist. Thinking that they are lesser than the whites, they as blacks sort of threw back their origins and embraced the white culture just to be accepted and treated equally. Locals of Martinique did not have any place in government and were just slaves and workers for the French colonizers (Macey, 2002). When the slavery period ended in 1848, blacks were still not treated equally. Even when black locals started to be educated, they were still being looked at as slaves. It is like telling people that one need not to look at a pretty face or a fair skin to be judged whether you are a good person or not. What is inside a person’s mind and heart is more important than what can be seen with the eyes. A person’s skin colour does not dictate that person’s social status. When a person is white, it does not mean that he belongs to the upper class. When a person is black, it does not mean that he is doomed to be a slave (Macey, 2002). Fanon became a psychiatrist in an Algerian psychiatric hospital during the war. He wanted to get the meaning of things in this world; he desired to get to the source. In search of it, he became focused ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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