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The Sociological Definition of the Socialisation and Community - Essay Example

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The paper describes neighbourhoods in terms of sociology. The successful neighbourhoods need specialised technical skills as well as money. It may be possible that it might require money for capital or operational expenditure for socialisation purpose…
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The Sociological Definition of the Socialisation and Community
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Download file to see previous pages Several parts of Woodlawn are referred to as Security, Maryland. It is because of many SSA headquarters are located inside the neighbourhood. According to fresh figures of the United States Census Bureau, the total area of the locality is 9.6 square miles. The US Census Bureau reports that there were 9,261 household families residing in the Woodlawn containing the total population of 37,897 people. Out of these residents, there are 51.5 per cent African Americans, 38.40 per cent are white Americans, 0.30 per cent are Indian (Native) Americans, 6.20 per cent are Asian people while remaining 6 per cent belong to other races including Hispanic, Latino, Europeans and many others. The social class demographics may include the income class of the residents. Out of the whole population, 6.3 per cent are below the poverty line. The median residing family income is reported to be 48,878 US Dollars. The income per capita (annually) is 21,710 US Dollars. If we look at the infrastructure of the Woodlawn community, it contains several well-known major roads including Dogwood Road, Forest Park Avenue, Gwynn Oak Avenue, Rolling Road, Security Boulevard, Windsor Mill Road and Woodlawn Drive. In the community, there is a volunteer fire company. This company was launched or in 1941 as a civil defence unit for the society. In the beginning, it started its operations on the minute level while with the passage of time, it grew by leaps and bounds, and now it is considered as a well-known fire company which was voluntarily brought in to existence. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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