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Abusing Children or Destroying the Society? A Psychoanalytical Exploration: How Abuse Affects a Child’s Social Development Abusing Children or Destroying the Society? A Psychoanalytical Exploration: How Abuse Affects a Child’s Social Development Introduction Child-abuse exists in most cultures and countries of the world…
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Child abuse
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"Child abuse"

Download file to see previous pages In addition to this rate of child-abuse in the UK, approximately 16 per cent of the total Children-population faces some types of abuse and negligence during their infancy and childhood (May-Chahal and Cawson, 2005). Researchers further claim that this rate of child-abuse is alarmingly high in underdeveloped and developing counties of the third world. The impacts and consequences of child-abuse are far more tremendous than one can imagine its severity. A child that has been abused in its childhood suffers the consequences throughout his entire lifespan. Researchers note that children who have been victimized in their childhood turn into replicators who reflect those abusive behaviors in their adulthood more violently. Among the nonaggressive symptoms which grow in a child in response to maltreatment and abuse during childhood, a range of negative personality traits such as demeaned personality, lack confidence, meekness, etc are the most remarkable ones. Referring to the negative impacts of child-abuse, Dr. Kirsten Asmussen, a professor of Psychiatry at King’s College London, says, “a history of maltreatment is related to negative impacts throughout the lifespan, as victimised children are more vulnerable to repeated abuse and are more likely to experience poor physical and mental health in adulthood” (3). The question which arises here is how child-abuse or maltreatment affects a child’s social development. The answer of this question partly depends on the theory of socialization which foretells that a child’s social development is grossly affected and influenced by its interactive relationship with the violent agents of socialization. Secondarily, we have to depend on the psychodynamic theories in order to know how the abuse and maltreatment shapes a child’s psychology. Background of this Study These adulthood replications of the aggressive behaviors of the children, along with the nonaggressive impacts of abuse, necessarily foretell greater devastating impacts on the society. Whereas the nonaggressive consequences turn a grownup child into an inert, ineffective and good-for-nothing burden of the society, the consequences which are aggressive in nature turns it into an adult demon, who subconsciously the society what it once received during his or her childhood. Child abuse negatively affects a child’s social development because if the child is raised in an unfriendly hostile environment without love, care and attention that children deserve that child will have poor social skills and because of they will be liked be their peers. In some oriental cultures, it is thought that the level severe punishment is a catalyst of child’s social disciplines. But a “child may view”, as Karen M. Carlson, a professor of Minnesota University says, “punishment as an endorsement of aggression and force, and learn only that a large person has power over a smaller one” (2). Such punishment can evoke the arousal of “counter-aggression”, “feelings of resentment”, and “deep humiliation”. Some a severely punished child may an unsympathetic attitudes toward others’ pain. In a study, Schmitt and Kempe, authors in the book, “Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics” say that children are not the only victims of abuse; rather in the long run, the society itself becomes victimized by them: If the child who has been ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Child Abuse Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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Child abuse
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Child Abuse
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...Child abuse Child abuse Children are a blessing from God and deserve love just like anyone else. However, in the recent past many researches have indicated that several children are being abused. This should come as a bad news especially in this 21st Century where the youth form a large percentage of the population. According to some researchers like Besharov et al (2001), there are many cases which go unreported, uninterrupted or misreported. According to stop it now ( a world organization that prevents child abuse, reports that a third of girls and nearly 1 in seven boys experiences sexual...
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