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Americans Try To Improve Upon Themselves In Order To Get Closer To Perfection In 2013 - Essay Example

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Research reveals that most Americans have normally tried to improve upon themselves, as a means of getting closer to perfection. It is evident that the chase of perfection among the Americans has turned out to be a religion. Perfection has normally become an obsession amongst most Americans…
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Americans Try To Improve Upon Themselves In Order To Get Closer To Perfection In 2013
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Plastic surgery is one of the mainstream ways through which most Americans have tried to improve upon themselves in the year 2013. Research reveals that most Americans normally believe that plastic surgery is the best solution towards the problematic body concerns that tend to affect individuals psychologically and emotionally. It is this desire of looking pleasant and being worthy that makes most Americans resolve to practices such as plastic surgery. It is with the introduction of such practices that most Americans have normally believed they can change their external appearances to complement their internal feelings. However, such practices should not be encouraged amongst the Americans because encouraging such practices can normally cause most Americans suffer from psychological and emotional anguish affecting their self-esteem.
The practice of plastic surgery amongst the Americans in the year 2013 can be considered an inherently selfish act. This is because for an individual to resolve to such an act, it normally means that the individual no longer values their appearance. It is because of the selfish desires of an individual that the person will not consider some of the risks that may accompany such a practice. This act is normally considered selfish because in an attempt to improve appearance, it is normally accompanied by some risks, which include; complications as a result of bad work. Plastic surgery is also considered a selfish act because most Americans are normally willing to spend lots of money just to improve on the appearances through the practice, and in the end they normally end up looking worse. The selfishness involved in the practice, has normally caused most Americans not to acquire knowledge concerning the risks accompanying such a practice. The practice of plastic surgery as a way of self-improvement can be considered selfish because when an individual decides to take plastic surgery as a way of self-improvement, it is normally equal to putting the self under a test because there is normally no guarantee that the results of the surgery are likely to result to perfection (Gilman 59). The practice of plastic surgery among the Americans has normally been accompanied with self-centeredness. Self-centeredness is actually a bad thing because it normally means that a person can never see what is outside himself. This normally results to a change in the person’s views and perspectives about the self, causing a person to always examine the inaccurate aspect of their appearance. Being self-centered has normally resulted to emotional retardation amongst most Americans. It is because of being self-centered that most Americans have normally attempted to fake social competence through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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