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What it is like being a university student - Research Paper Example

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In most of the countries of the world, social needs have been one of the significant factors in the establishment of the higher education institutions. Universities have led to the advancement of the well-being…
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What it is like being a university student
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Download file to see previous pages The first year of the students in the university is quite interesting because students are generally not acquainted with the environment of the university and finds everything very new and fascinating. Most of the students move out of their home country in order to seek for quality education and thus enroll themselves with universities with a hope that it will shape their future and thus help them in accomplishing their objective (Kuh, 2010). When students register themselves in universities, it becomes quite significant for them to separate themselves with the group with which they were associated previously such as family or high school peers and thus interact with the members of the new group. They are further supposed to incorporate the normative values of the new group which tends to be a daunting task. In universities peer-to-peer interaction and faculty-student interaction takes place where the student attempts to identify if the universities social environment is affable with his or her preferences or not. The students further tend to comply with the explicit norms as well as the normative academic values of the university (Kuh, Kinzie, Buckley, Bridges & Hayek, 2006). The broad sociological interest of the research problem is surrounded by the fact that international students as a group experience greater alterations during the initial transitional period. Most of the students tend to work part time and study as well. Therefore, maintaining a proper balance among the two becomes one of the difficult tasks for the student (The Open University, 2010). Moreover, international students are also supposed to deal with the disparities between their own cultural values, customs and that of their host country. They are faced with the issues of verbal and non-verbal communication and dealing with the interpersonal associations. However, these students are supposed to learn to adjust themselves and thus focus upon their studies. Therefore, the specific research question related to this study is “how does it feel being a university student”. The primary objective of the research project is to understand how the students feel when they are in the university. The study will also endeavor to identify the challenges faced by the students their study period in university. The main motto of the study will be to identify what motivates the student to choose a particular university. This research study will also stab to comprehend if the students enjoy being a part of university. It will try to identify the changes that take place in the overall personality of the students when they are in university. The significance of independence and freedom part of university life for a student will also be dealt with in this paper. It is to be mentioned that the study has not been designed to test any hypothesis. It is exploratory in nature and will explore the student life at universities. It will make attempts at understanding the broader sociological context of students at universities. The study is qualitative in nature and the method of collecting data is by means of interview method. The study is of utmost significance for sociologists as well as students. The students who want to join universities will be able to understand how it feels being a student of the university. It will offer them with theoretical knowledge regarding the life of students at universities. The study is of major significance for sociologists as it tries to comprehend the sociological context of the students at universities. It is quite significant to introduce the participants in the study. Maria is a female and has been an international student at Monash University. The interview took place in Clayton campus of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I didn’t know how to start my text. "What it is like being a university student?" helped me out a lot! Especially the list of first sentence was valuable.

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