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In this paper I will explore my weaknesses and strengths to get a deeper understanding of how I can deal with conflicts and the areas of conflict management strategies I need to work on to improve my skills. We will be guided by my assessment results through the use of conflict resolution tactics which will be the yardstick of my evaluation.

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Conflict Style Assessment and Analysis
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Since conflict can seep in any time it is advisable to know basic personal conflict management styles to improve your relationship with your colleagues at home, work or any other social place.In this paper I will explore my weaknesses and strengths to get a deeper understanding of how I can deal with conflicts and the areas of conflict management strategies I need to work on to improve my skills. We will be guided by my assessment results through the use of conflict resolution tactics which will be the yardstick of my evaluation. The given course assignment which required an individual to analyze his or her conflict style gave me an opportunity to compare and contrast my believed values about conflict management with the views of two of my friends. It is often obvious that when one is doing his or her personal evaluation one may be swayed to give strong marks to the styles one feels they are great as per his or her conviction but through an unbiased evaluation, it might turn out that your evaluation were skewed. I was also not different from people who are optimistic about themselves as I noted that results from my evaluators’ had differed from my results as I had awarded myself more points on the main styles. However, it became evident from all the results that my leading styles are collaboration, accommodation and comprise as I had scored higher on them while the inferior ones were competition and avoidance. This analysis shed a light on me that I need to put more effort on improving my conflict skills as competition could deter my skills if not mitigated. BACKGROUND/ RESEARCH To facilitate the research study, the conflict styles analysis worksheet provided in the course was used. To properly rate myself, I asked two of my friends who knows me well to complete filling in the assessment worksheets. These two friends were my pastor who knows my home-life relation hence was in a position to rate me on the way I react at home and the second one was James who is my workmate. The reason why I chose them is because we have been together with them for a long period and most importantly they are objectives hence cannot be biased as from their principles they tell someone point blank about his or her conduct, hence I knew they could gauge about me without fear or favor. Second, being my friend I understood they were doing it for the better part of me and for my improvement. I arrange the collected data into a chart to allow viewers to see the analysis at ease and in a more precise way. Analysis Avoidance Competition Compromise Accommodation Collaboration Self Analysis 6 8 20 25 26 Work-life Analysis 8 11 17 23 22 Home-life Analysis 10 12 19 20 23 Average 8 10 19 23 24 Table 1: Conflict style analysis To make the analysis more visible and easier to understand the trends of three person assessment, I drew this line-chart below. The chart shows the results of my evaluators’ opinion about my conflict management skills as well as my self assessment. Figure 1: Line Chart Below is how scored on each conflict management style. Collaboration - I scored highest on this style at an average score of 24, however, this result differed with my self assessment as I had overrated myself with a score of 26 compared to my evaluators. According to Lussier and Achua (2010), collaboration is a conflict resolution style that is assertive as it encourages cooperation between or among parties in order to have an amicable solution that is acceptable to all conflicting members. Accommodation - this was my second ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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