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The concept of Person-In-Environment - Assignment Example

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The Person-In-Environment (PIE) refers to a holistic, four factor categorization mechanism utilized by social workers to illustrate and code social functioning challenges having similar descriptors. The four factors cover problems and strengths of individuals in the perspective of social environment, physical health, mental health and roles in relationship with other people. …
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The concept of Person-In-Environment
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Download file to see previous pages The four factors cover problems and strengths of individuals in the perspective of social environment,physical health,mental health and roles in relationship The notion of PIE is founded on the assumption that an individual and his or her conduct cannot be clearly understood without assessing the environment in which he or she lives. Harriet Bartlett was the pioneer force behind modernization of Person-In-Environment construct in 1970s, when she identified PIE as a common domain for social work. She introduced a third factor, “interaction”, explaining its significance in linking person and environment. Bartlett built upon Werner Boehm’s 1950s dual construct on social work. Jim Karl and Wandrei later developed PIE construct through various levels. 2. What is the strengths perspective? How does it relate to the empowerment perspective, and how does it differ from traditional perspectives of social problems? The strength perspective provides social work providers with a work mechanism that emphasizes on strengths, potential and capabilities of a client as opposed to problems and shortcomings. It leads to development of problem-solving abilities among other life gains. Strength perspective encompasses the idea of wholeness and empowerment, which also looks at the ability of individuals rather than weaknesses. While strength perspective focuses on positive aspects of clients, traditional perspectives focus on the pessimistic side or problems of clients. 3. What is involved in micro practice? Contrast it with macro practice. Describe the historical roots of both. In micro practice, the social worker involves directly with specific clients or families in solving existing problems. On the other hand, macro practice focuses on large scale interventions that affect the whole community as opposed to specific clients or households. The history of macro and micro social work practice dates back to 19th century social reforms. Macro practice evolved from the development of social institutions aimed at serving the needs of the general population. Presently, micro and macro social work seems to be more stable than it was back in 1970s through to 1990s. 4. Describe the unique focus of social work as a profession. The idea of social functioning lays the ground for comprehending the distinctive focus of social work and keeps social work unique from other supportive professions. The ability of an individual to complete activities which are essential to satisfy his fundamental needs and to execute his primary social duties in the society is referred to as positive social function. The social roles of an individual in the society shift as he or she grows up. Despite the fact that social work profession is oriented towards social functioning of all society members, it tends to give more attention to the most vulnerable members of the society. 5. List and define five major categories of social work services. Some of the main categories of social work are: Indirect service: this is where social wok practitioners assist people to solve and manage their life problems. Clinical social work: practitioner diagnoses and treats mental, emotional as well as behavioral disorders. Family Counseling Services : social workers provide counseling services to spouses who are having rough time in their marriage and are struggling to maintain their relationship[. Healthcare services: social workers in this category help patients to cope with traumatic changes that may result from serious illnesses. Substance abuse counseling: the practitioners here help drug addicts to rehabilitate and chose positive path towards quitting undesirable behavior. Public Health, Policy and Planning: a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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