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Gang Treatment Programs Name Instructor Date According to Delaney (2006) gang members tend to present symptoms of various psychological problems that call for appropriate interventions. These problems normally range from personality or conduct disorders, to substance abuse; poor cognitive functioning skills, anger management problems, low educational attainment, as well as inadequate working skills that make it rather difficult for them to get formal employment…
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Gang Treatment Programs
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Download file to see previous pages This form of treatment is mainly aimed at separating members of different gangs in secure settings where their involvement in gang activities is limited. Delaney (2006) further elaborates that proper treatment of confined gang member usually calls for the understanding of the variety of forces that underlie the problems. The forces tend to manifest in ways that can only be identified at the time of admission to a correctional facility. Moreover, these forces will surface following a comprehensive assessment of an inmate’s needs and risks, which will consequently dictate the type of treatment that one should be accorded. Cultural factors are among the main factors that usually set one gang apart from another gang. Race and ethnicity are some of the cultural factors influencing the composition of a gang. Various gangs such as Latino gangs tend to identify themselves as tough and violent to distinguish themselves from others. On the other hand, African American gangs are presumed to be characterized by a tendency to be hypersensitive and use of insulting verbal language. These different attributes can lead to interpersonal conflicts and may quite often result in violence. Gangs can therefore be given psychological treatment program that is designed to promote cultural awareness, as well as sensitivity among the inmates. Gang members can also be subjected to after cases treatment method such as community placement after serving his jail term. This form of treatment is regarded crucial in preventing a gang member from returning to his illegal gang activities. Commonly most released gang members are usually placed under legal supervision that takes the form of parole. Aftercare treatment serves to strengthen some of the effects of institutional programming through controlling one’s associates while reinforcing therapeutic programs. Similarly, owing to the fact that some inmates previously involved with gangs may find it rather difficult to disassociate from the gangs’ activities, another way of treating such people may include protective custody. This involves correctional officials who place in protective custody, former gang members who they perceive to be at a high risk of reverting back to their old practices. Delaney (2006) further presents that there are prevention treatment programs that usually aim at helping former gang members to disengage themselves from gang activities. The program usually targets young gang members whose entry into gang activities were as a result of poor family structures. As such, prevention treatment commonly involves isolating the gang members in a safe house and subsequently providing them with a safe haven for behavioral change. The safe houses provide the members with a variety of entertainment and educative facilities that enhances socialization, personal development through job training. Therapeutic communities are also another form of treatment that former gang criminals can be accorded in the process of reforming. The treatment involves family members of the victim as well as trained therapists who help the victims towards a reflective path of reflective self-discovery. The therapy is normally free from any negative influences common ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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