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Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Analysis of Study on Mechanical Solidarity and Organic Solidarity Introduction Human beings exhibit different characteristics in life. These are influence by the levels of pleasure that are obtained from engaging in these activities…
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Qualitative assignment
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Download file to see previous pages A different social setting would have a different set of social activities. To this end, there is some form of cohesion or solidarity in these groups or societies (Andersen & Taylor, 2012, p. 101). Explanation of Mechanical and Organic Solidarity Solidarity from the social scene refers to a form of integration at a given level and type, usually in reference to a group of people or society and their immediate neighbors. The social relations and ties in a society are the binding factors that bring cohesion to the activities that happen in it (Andersen & Taylor, 2012, p. 103). Solidarity does not happen in the broad spectrum context but is specified by the factors that describe the society. Mechanical solidarity therefore is a kind of social cohesion that bases its foundation on likeness and similarities that exist in a society. This is based mostly on the culture of the people defined by the rituals and routines. Organic society is far much devoid of the natural culture but id dependent on advanced societal norms such as those found in industrial societies (Lenhard, 2011, p. 4). Individuals in this society have values and interests that are different but find themselves engaging in some similar activities. ...
There are two groups identified in the cases covered in the field. Of the two groups in the analysis, there are several traits that are going on. In the context given at the CAB building area, there seems to be a social area or relaxation zone. There are six members in the first group. The activities involve talking on phone (1st member), texting (2nd member), and chatting (3rd member). The rest of the members are either just talking, not on phone or looking at the other people and the activities going on at the place. The second group of people is not doing much but taking coffee and talking off as well as a phone being seen just once. The second day saw a big group of people. The activities involve reading, texting, just gazing around and lining up for coffee. There are however more than seven groups of people under focus. Analysis of the Case There are so many similarities in the way the people under observation are behaving especially in respect to the use of the modern electronic gadgets. The reasons for being at the place remain the cause of concern. Being a coffee place, it can be assumed that most of the people are here for a cup of coffee as seen in the second day observations. According to Lenhard (2011), there is a close proximity to things that happen to people in a similar environment. In the first case as stipulated by group 1, the people are set in different contexts and the presence of one person at the place is not dependent on the other person. The aim here was to eat and drink as he and his accomplices left after sometime. Therefore, there are several activities that were going on at this point. Texting is illustrative of organic solidarity that was going on. There is no indication that any of the first six people were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Qualitative Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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