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Interpretation of tables in sociological way - Research Paper Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Final Project Introduction This proposed final project paper will use the IPUMS data to focus on how education levels in California relates to various variables. These variables are race, sex, year, employment status, proficiency in English and geographical region (rural/urban and city)…
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Interpretation of tables in sociological way
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Download file to see previous pages Most notably, there were few African American students as opposed to their white counterparts. This triggered my interest in the relationship between the education level and the race. However, my project will incorporate other variables to get the clear picture of the relationship. In this project, 7 mean comparison and cross-tabulation tables will be used to explore the relationship between the above mentioned variables. Overall, the education system/level in California has exhibited profound inequality based mainly on race, language status and socioeconomic/employment status. These educational inequalities in California have become more evident over the last four decades with the rapid transformation in the population. To date, little has been done to address these inequalities. This project will target to comprehensively analyze the complex education system in the larger California region. The mean comparison and cross-tabulation tables will show the trends in the variables related to education level in California. In addition, the project will rely on data based on these variables ranging between 1850 and 2011. This will aim to provide a clear lime light and solution to the future research. Background Information Education level in the United States (US) has attracted major attention due to great disparities between students. This has triggered it to be considered as the most significant issue politically and socially in the US. On the contrary, the US is renowned in investing a lot in the education sector more than other nations. Nonetheless, this has had little impact in the education level in the US. Several variables have been seen to influence the education level. These include race, language status, employment status and the geographical demographics. These factors are strongly embedded in the history, family background and culture. Relative to history, the historical connection between the whites and ethnic/racial minorities in the US have highly influenced the education level from then to date. For instance, enslavement of the African American created a big vacuum in the education system in the US. This hindered African Americans access to education. Even after the abolishment of slavery this huge gap in education level between the whites and the African Americans still persisted. Additionally, this has continued to haunt the education level in California and the larger US to date. In regards to family background, this is a crucial factor that has had a big impact on education level in the US and California included. Indeed, family background is connected widely to the variables to be explored. Furthermore, culture is also instrumental in enhancing education level in the US. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the factors that influence education level in the US particularly California. In California, race is regarded to have the greatest influence on education level. However, the education level in California stretches beyond the racial difference to sexual orientation, employment status, residential locations and language proficiency as well. In regards to the race, education level in California is divided between the White Americans and other minority races more so African Americans. Most of the studies have shown that there is persistent education inequality between the Whites and African Americans in California. Over years, the features of education system ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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