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Poverty Alleviation for Women in Tarakea, Tanzania Rationale for the Study Poverty is responsible for the occurrence of numerous deaths in Tarakea, Tanzania. Past Tanzanian governments have spoken extensively about the policies they intend to implement in order to overcome poverty, particularly in the rural areas with minimal success…
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Download file to see previous pages In the divisions of rural as well as agricultural development, such research can make considerable and practical contributions to general the general development of a poverty stricken community. Literature Review In Tarakea, a community located in Tanzania in East Africa, more than a half of the population does not have the necessary skills to hold high paying jobs. In addition, there are cultural customs that have in the past served to worsen an already thorny situation. For instance, Women are not allowed to inherit livestock, land, or any family possessions once their parents or caregivers pass on. Traditional norms as well as beliefs are extremely strong in this culture. This leaves women at the mercy of men and dependent on them for all financial assistance. Women are not allowed the chance to express themselves or speak with authority in this culture. This has been said to be due to the low levels of education among community members as well as the theory of 'male' dominance, which is very obvious and socially embedded in Tararkea (Southern New Hampshire University & the Open University of Tanzania Master of Science in Community Economic Development, 2007). To advance the livelihood of this society, it is important for women, who make the majority of farmers and sustain their households, to be given priority because of their responsibilities in terms of agriculture and domestic duties. This, though, might take time to be accepted in this extremely conservative community. Growing poverty in Tarakea adversely affects the abilities of women to provide for their families. This is one of the main factors that hinder the progress of the community. To partly tackle this issue, the Tarakea Women Sawmill was created as a Cooperative Society that handles sawmilling tasks for a profit. In order to discover the major difficulties faced by TAWOSA, a community needs assessment (CNA) was carried out in October 2005 at the headquarters of the Tarakea Women Sawmill in Rombo District. Approximately 10 people took part in the interview and these were mainly TAWOSA’s women leaders (Ellis and Mdoe, 2003). In the course of the discussions, all the respondents were permitted to contribute openly by means of a semi-structured interview, which was directed by a well planned checklist. Individual observations were also employed as tools for the collection of information inside the TAWOSA compound. An assortment of reports also was utilised in collecting data about poverty rates in the community and the wider society. Where the reliability of this research is concerned, consistence was evident as identical results were acquired every time the questionnaire was distributed. The questions were reviewed in the course of formulation and when the researchers were amassing information. The research discovered that a considerable number of married women tended to remain at home because their husbands could not sustain costs for them to live in the towns where their husbands worked. This meant that the women were left dependent on their husbands for money. This arrangement has become very common in Tarakea and has in the past had unconstructive effects on the wellbeing of families because women are over burdened by farm work and also have to care for extended family members. The research also revealed that this region typically has 7.32 people in each ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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