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Should Tattoos be discriminated in the Workplace - Essay Example

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There are various disadvantages of wearing a tattoo, one of the most common issue associated with wearing a tattoo is that tattoos are not accepted as a part of the dress code of employees by most of the organizations. …
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Should Tattoos be discriminated in the Workplace
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Tattoos are regarded as changes made to an individual’s body with the assistance of insertion of ineradicable ink inside the skin’s dermis layer in order to alter the color of the skin. Tattoos have even been utilized by mankind to spread messages and share emotional feelings. In mass media, the images of tattoos are reflected upon in quite a negative manner. The mass media mostly portray that individuals who have tattoos represent individuals who are anti-social and deviant in nature. This is even true in the real world as various gangs and anti-social groups have tattoos that distinguish them from other groups. For several years, the perception of tattoos is quite negative as tattoos have been mostly associated with goons and gangs. The overall society still gives great importance to the outer appearance of an individual and outer appearance is even given great importance in workplace. Exterior appearance is given more importance for those positions where the interaction between customers, suppliers and other stakeholders with the position holder is quite high. Since tattoos are mostly associated with the crime world, employers will avoid hiring individuals who have tattoos on them. Since the exterior appearance is of less importance in positions that do not interact much with stakeholders, individuals having tattoos are mostly seen to be working in lower level positions. Tattoos are mostly associated with the male gender, so employers are less likely to hire women who have tattoos. This paper will focus on whether tattoo based discrimination should be allowed in the workplace or not. Tattoo based discrimination should be allowed in the workforce as the employees hold the responsibility of being an ambassador for an organization and the organization’s image is at stake if the image portrayed by employees is negative. Body Purpose of Tattoos Nothing in this world exist without a purpose and tattoos even serve several purposes even though others may regard them as a way of seeking attraction. In several different cultures, tattoos are used to portray status of an individual. These purposes even take place in the western world. For example: wearing a tattoo with the name of one’s girlfriend may provide an individual with the status of being a boyfriend. Tattoos are even used to represent that an individual is associated with a clan and certain individuals even wear them to portray some kind of power or status such as wealth and authority. For several years tattoos have been used to represent unacceptability in society and these tattoos have been put to use to differentiate between anti-social members of a society and the members of a society who comply with the norms and values of a society (Cuyper, 2009, p.30). Individuals who represent a gang such as biker gang may use such tattoos to represent that they are against their society’s norms and values. Tattoos are even used to show affiliations that are political and religious in nature. For example: a person representing a particular political party may wear a tattoo of the party’s flag to affirm his membership. Similarly, Christians may wear a tattoo of a cross to represent their religious affiliation. Tattoos are even associated with superstitious beliefs, for example a sailor may wear a tattoo of a chicken on one foot along with a tattoo of a swine on the other foot because he/she believes that this will save him from drowning. Perception of Tattoos in the Workplace Tattoos can be witnessed in all walks of life including workplace. According to a research conducted by the Pew Research Center during the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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