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On the nature of online interactions, behaviors and relationships - Essay Example

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On the Nature of Online Interactions, Behaviors and Relationships 3 Rough Outline 7 Detailed Outline 9 References 13 Synthesis: On the Nature of Online Interactions, Behaviors and Relationships The general topic is the use of large data sets from the Internet to analyze human behavior, social relationships, and human events…
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On the nature of online interactions, behaviors and relationships
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Download file to see previous pages Moving forward, this offers a vast resource for scientists, marketers, businesses, and sociologists, among others, to be used to glean insights into behavior and into the nature of human relationships. One take is that of social relationships and social interactions essentially being the same in the real world as they are online, with social media and related data giving us new ways to examine and analyze the nature of those interactions and relationships in ways that were not possible before. Likewise, the take is that because of the unprecedented power of online data in this regard, new ways of looking at and analyzing the data have to be devised in order to properly exploit this new reality. This new reality presents a new set of opportunities for new insights into human relationships, behavior, and interactions (Yen et al., 2012; Kleinberg, n.d.). The work of Yen et al. (2012) on the other hand further reinforces the thesis that online interactions are different, and that online social relationships yield new sets of dynamics with regard to how human beings relate to one another, behave, and are impacted by their social relationships. In this particular study, it has been found that there is a lesser amount of social anxiety associated with online interactions in comparison to offline or real-world interactions. In particular, subjects that showed reduced social anxiety were found among those who are suffering from depression, high levels of social anxiety, high behavioral activation system or BIS scores, and high behavioral inhibition system or BIS scores. The study notes too, that in particular, the impact of BIS on social anxiety is diminished when subjects interact online, charting a...
It is worth noting that the two articles chosen for this paper both reinforce the thesis that online social interactions reflect both old and emerging paradigms of social relationships dynamics, that need to be studied using new methods in order to glean appropriate insights into them. In the Kleinberg article, it is clear that social media and the Internet in general, with its vast amounts of digital trails of social interactions and individual human behavior, is a treasure trove for understanding and gleaning insights into human relationships and behavioral dynamics. What this means is that whereas data was limited before, they are in profusion now, something unprecedented, and new tools and techniques for analyzing the data ought to validate old findings and insights, while yielding new ones. Where the insights confirm what is already known about human behavior and relationships, what is new is the kinds of data and analytical tools and techniques that are at the disposal of the researchers and scientists. On the other hand, what the Yen et al. (2012) article so clearly demonstrates is that online interactions represent a new social reality, that is characterized by new sets of dynamics with regard to human relationships and impact on human behavior and well-being. In this instance, what is new is that social anxiety for patients with different mental illnesses is reduced online, or is at a lower level in comparison to interactions in the real world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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