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Divorce and Child's Welfare - Essay Example

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The sanctity of Matrimony is subject to various pressures of modern living. Some couples commenced in wedded bliss only to find later in the marriage of their inability to cope with various encumbrances that come with the package. The consequences of separation already have a profound effect on couples…
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Divorce and Childs Welfare
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Extract of sample "Divorce and Child's Welfare"

Download file to see previous pages Of particular interest would be the academic performance of children of divorce in terms of gender difference and age. With the aide of social and developmental theories, the different arguments can be examined. The research aims to find to evidence that divorce affects children negatively using attachment theory, role theory and systems theory as an investigative framework. The results of the investigation are expected to yield relevant information that can form the conceptual theoretical foundation of alternative social work interventions to alleviate the circumstance of affected children.
The sanctity of Matrimony is subject to various pressures of modern living. Some couples commenced in wedded bliss only to find later in the marriage of their inability to cope with various encumbrances that come with the package. The consequences of separation already have a profound effect on couples. What more on children that comes as the product of that union
Divorce, according to Guttmann (1993), was a symptom of social disease (p.2). The public's opinion is divided. Some would advocate that divorce has positive outcomes while others would argue that the prevalence of divorce only mitigates social decay. Conflicting values ensue between cultures that accept divorce as a necessity and cultures that consider divorce as erosion of moral codes.
Societies that consider divorce as an acceptable solution to disagreeing couples provided laws that would oversee the implementation of the divorce conditions. However, despite the presence of these laws, many fathers saddled with the financial burden of providing for the dissolved union has produced several negative outcomes. The inability to provide financial support to the family has left his children in need of economic assistance. The loss of one parent has placed more pressures on the family. The single-parent without the benefit of the financial assistance from the estranged spouse is forced to resort to other means to support the children.
Aside from the loss of economic support as a consequence of divorce, the loss of a parent that should have been part of the basic social unit has placed undue pressures on the children of the union.
In recent years, some experts noted a decline in the effects of union dissolution on children. Amato (2001) attributed the decline to the more accommodating society on the occurrence of divorce and the stigma associated with marital dissolution is reduced. In addition, external intervention programs were more effective and accessible in recent years (Brown, Young & Allen 2003). The stigma of divorce has worn off. Majority has accepted divorce as a consequence of inevitable circumstances. Children should not be in a household where conflicts between parents are an everyday occurrence. It will benefit the children more if they are removed from such an environment. The two parents should agree on how ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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