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Prepare a short typed on one of the following concepts from classical social theory: Anomie (Durkheim), Alienation (Marx - Essay Example

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Modernity and Anomie Modernity and Anomie Introduction In conventional societies there were heavy rules and regulations that were to be followed by individuals living in that society and these rules and regulations restricted individuals from performing various activities which were considered as deviant by the society…
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Prepare a short typed essay on one of the following concepts from classical social theory: Anomie (Durkheim), Alienation (Marx
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"Prepare a short typed on one of the following concepts from classical social theory: Anomie (Durkheim), Alienation (Marx"

Download file to see previous pages Durkheim was of the view that the lack of strict rules and regulations and increase in an individual’s freedom has various benefits for the individual as well as for the society. On the other hand, he asserted that although the modern society has provided more freedom to its members, this may lead to the creation of the issue of anomie. Body Emile Durkheim has defined anomie as a society’s condition where the society has relaxed moral regulations for its members and there are less moral regulations for individuals of that particular society (FRANZESE, 2009, p.34). Anomie can be witnessed in the society of media and entertainment industry, where lower amount of rules and regulations are applied on members such as movie directors and celebrities and these celebrities are very negatively impacted by the issue of anomie. For example: when a celebrity ends up getting fame that is sudden and unexpected in nature, the celebrity becomes distant from his/her family members and even damages the norms that the celebrity was supposed to follow and this leads to decrease in the amount of support that the society as providing to the celebrity which causes unfavorable results for the society as well as the individual. Durkheim asserted that the desires of a particular individual should be kept in balance with the guidelines provided by a particular society and this kind of balance is very difficult to attain in modern societies. Durkheim was one of those sociologists who were able to be a witness of the transformation of Europe and Europeans that was social in nature during the period of the 19th century. He asserts that before industrialization occurred, societies were very dependent on traditions and these traditions helped in keeping the society and its members together. He regarded this state as collective conscience and stated that collective conscience was so strong in nature that any individual within the society who would participate in deviant activities was immediately sanctioned and dealt with. He used the term mechanical solidarity to refer to the strong bond between different members of the society and this solidarity was a result of common likeness and he referred to this form of solidarity as mechanical in nature because he was of the idea that people in these societies had an automatic sense of being together and operating as a whole (ROUSSEAU, 2002, p.10). Durkheim even asserts that as the process of industrialization took place, mechanical solidarity started losing its hold and due to this the bonding between different members of the society even depreciated. He further asserts that due to decline in mechanical solidarity, societies do not end or vanish away and he stated that a new form of solidarity occurs which is caused by modernization and modern conditions. He refers to this new form of solidarity as solidarity that is organic in nature and in this form of solidarity people creates bonds on the basis of specialization and dependencies on each other and these bonds are found to be quite strong in nature in societies that are industrial in nature (ELLIOTT, 2011, p.154). The conventional society which exhibited modern solidarity was bound due to common likeness is different from organic society in which bonds are created due to differences among the members of the so ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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History and Development of Anomie Theory
Anomie is now more frequently used when referring to the intersection of cultural and social sector (Baumer, 2010). Anomie in common language means anything that is “at loose ends”. Oxford dictionary lists many sociological terms defining them under absence of a divine rule.
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Durkheim theory of social function
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SC3039C Punishment and Modern society

The author discusses the theory of anomie by Emile Durkheim and his views on punishment and its functional role. In the end the paper compares the views of both these great thinkers and presents the conclusion. The purpose of punishment is to give justice to the victim and to discourage other people from following the same action.

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Critically compare Karl Marx's and Emile Durkheim theories of division of labour, class struggle and alienation/anomie
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As the report stresses Marx’s Critique of Hegel’s Dialectic and General Philosophy contained in the Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts is the clearest expression of his theory of alienation. Hegel in his dialectics believed that history was manifestation of the movement of spirit acting “behind the backs” of actors in history.
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According to the paper, Marx’s understandings into actors and organizations must be understood in the setting of his assessments on human nature, which is the source for his critical study of the inconsistencies of capitalism. In his opinion, an illogicality exists concerning our human nature and efforts in the capitalist organization.

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