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Female serial killers - Essay Example

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Serial killers are understood in limited way due to rarity of serial murders (Campobasso et al., 2009, p. e7). Sadly, the understanding of female serial killers is very remote due to lack of research and low percentage compared to male serial killers. …
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Female serial killers
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Download file to see previous pages The percentage of female among the serial killers is estimated to be 10 to 15 (Siegel, 2012, p.352). Depending on the circumstances of the homicides and what was done to the victims, the forensic psychiatrists have developed a point of view that most of the serial killers are psychopaths and/or sexual sadists or possess antisocial disorder (Campobasso et al., 2009, p. e11). Study by Hickey (1997) revealed that over 50% of the victims of female serial killers are either too young or too old (Schurman- Kauflin, 2000, p. 17). This shows that they choose the most vulnerable and helpless people among the population as their victims. Hence, it is highly important to conduct more research studies on female killers as it can help in developing profiling on them and help the police to catch them. Differences Researches on female serial murderers have found that there are some distinct differences in male and female serial killers (Hilton, 1997, p.65). Research by Keeney and Heide (1994) has revealed that aspects of serials killers like “motivation, victim damage, victim torture, weapon of choice, method of killing, and stalking versus luring behaviors” are different in male and female serial killers (Hilton, 1997, p.65). Female serial killers tend to use more subtle ways to murder their victims than male serial killers (Schurman- Kauflin, 2000, p. 17). ...
Study of a female serial killer called JB, who was accused of killing at least 12 elderly women, shows that there are various environmental and social factors that are potential in making people to become violent (Ostrosky-Solis et al., 2008. p.1228). In JB’s case, the factors were “i) her mother’s alcohol abuse history and limited prenatal and postnatal care, ii) physical, psychological and sexual abuse during childhood, iii) lack of affective and social support and iv) extreme poverty” (Ostrosky-Solis et al., 2008. p.1228). Moreover, as she took care of her two younger half siblings, she was never allowed to go out of house and she never attended the school (Ostrosky-Solis et al., 2008. p.1224). So her childhood was spent without friends and toys and was filled with misery, abuse and aggressive behavior from mother (Ostrosky-Solis et al., 2008. p.1224). Age Studies by Holmes and DeBurger (1988), Hickey (1991), Levin and Fox (1993) and Keeney and Heide (1994) have revealed that contrary to the male serial killers who start killing in their twenties, the female serial killers start killing in their thirties (Hilton, 1997, p.72). Keeney and Heide (1994), in their study of 14 female serial murders, found that “the average age of these women when they began to kill was 32.9 years” (Hilton, 1997, p.72). The average age of female serial killers was found to be 32 in a study of 34 female serial murderers conducted by Hickey (1991) (Hilton, 1997, p.72). This shows that it is at somewhat older age that female serial murderers start killing (Hilton, 1997, p.72). Racial and Ethnic Background It has been found that most of the female serial killers are from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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