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Gender Role Analysis - Essay Example

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Name Tutor Course College Date Gender role analysis Analysis of gender roles dates back from many years ago and the whole essence of performing such a scrutiny has been the attempt to give detailed coverage on the differences in the effectiveness of male and female personnel in the vast areas of the society…
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Gender Role Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore this enables people to depict a history of where the society comes from and the changes that are yet to be embraced. Gender role analysis has its importance and the principles that govern its existence. The whole idea of the analysis is to identify the abilities of both the male and female hence helping in strategizing on how to allocate jobs and duties. Making adjustments where necessary by mixing both genders is a result of gender analysis as some duties are considered to be unisexual; both parties are able to acquaint themselves in such jobs. Gender role analysis is however crucial in identifying the problems and disparities among the two genders and coming up with effective solutions to curb matters of concern. Gender role analysis facilitates the monitoring of the economy of a country and the world at large. The identified problems are solved and this gives every male and female a chance to work in their field of interest. For instance, men are now embraced as nurses compared to the earlier centuries where the job was considered to attract only the females. Several factors have led to these dynamics and the most effective factor was the idea of civilization whereby people now have open minds and the stereotypes of olden days are erased. Moreover, the introduction of the human rights articles with coverage of gender role in constitution has contributed to the dynamics of gender roles. Gender roles are significantly covered in three main sectors including education, workplace and the government. Education is a huge sector in any country. The impact that education has on gender and gender role widely affects the way of life of most people in that it is from school that students build or break the gender disparities. Way from early childhood, kids tend to observe and learn from what the teachers train them to do and how to do it. The basic image that tutors portray to young children is what they carry with them even as they progress for the better part of their school lives and adult life. Therefore, education plays a key role in shaping how gender issues are handled by most people. The information given to students is crucial as these are the same people that occupy offices and industries in the country and they manage it as they were taught. In the early centuries, gender issue in education was a stigma that has taken a lot of effort to eradicate in the current generations. The female were earlier not permitted to go to school or even for some the home schooling program. Women and children were insignificant in the academic sector and only the boys would acquire an education. This culture was vehemently followed in most parts of the world and especially in Africa. The feminist theories that argued that women and girls have a small brain size and could not handle the complex form of education in schools were put into action by preventing girls to go to school. This gave people the impression that education was meant for only one gender, the male which is not true however the beliefs. Education has nonetheless hugely impacted the gender roles in the society. Schools and education institutes teach on gender equality hence shaping a better future for both sexes. Courses are offered for both sexes without any biasness and girls are now able to study courses that were earlier viewed as interests for boys and vice versa. For ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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