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Near the middle of the 19th century, the renowned economist, philosopher, and otherwise multidisciplinary theorist Karl Marx delivered one of the most scintillating suggestions in the history of discourse…
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The Influence of Religion on Politics
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Download file to see previous pages This comparison influenced a host of discussion, contemplation, and research among minds throughout the academic and professional worlds. Religion has had an irrefutable impact on the development of virtually all aspects of human development. Accordingly, it would be an epic undertaking to complete a thorough examination of the role religion plays in the everyday life. A more reasonable approach is to focus on one specific aspect of the relationship, such as political influence. Dissecting the connection between politics and religion will provide an ample amount of information that can be used as a frame to better understand the overall impact of religion on human development, including the proposed analogy to opium. As is the case with many sociocultural developments in the history of human development, it is difficult to place an exact beginning to the concept of religion. Indications of funerary ceremonies or traditions among proto-human great apes have been traced back past 200,000 years BC, but such practices do not sufficiently establish the characteristics of an organized religion. Evidence for the evolution of burial traditions continued for thousands of centuries. These ceremonies came to be more specific in procedure and increasingly associated with spiritual symbology, but the first organized religions would not appear until the Agricultural Revolution began to take hold in the 90th century BC. Dual Conception As humans congregated in centers of agricultural production, the first economic communities (cities, states, etc.) were established. Although agriculture drew people to certain areas, the groups were commonly led by a theocracy. As the beginning of politics came as a direct result of these early communities and their unavoidable interactions, it can be clearly observed that religion had an immediate supporting role in the formation of the first political systems. Conversely, it is also true that the creation of these communities established the population bases that would be needed for theologically sympathetic humans to become organized and form the first religions. From the infancy of civilization, politics and religion have shared a fundamental bond. The Rise of Political Philosophy First Conflicts Religion and politics continued to develop in parallel throughout the rest of prehistory and ancient times. Many religions were established and refined as the agricultural center became popular throughout much of the established world. When conflict and wars arose between groups due to ambitions of resource and land acquisition, religious beliefs served as a potent source of motivation and acted as a rallying point for armies. Significant developments in political philosophy are generally understood to be rare in the time between the prehistoric formation of economic theocracies and the application of various East Asian schools of thought (Confucianism and Taoism for example) to political activities in ancient China near 600 BC. First Theories About two centuries after Chinese politics underwent an integration of various theories, Western politics would be forever changed by the Greek philosopher Plato when he classified the various political systems that were found in the many city-states throughout Greece. Plato's categorizations included the dreadful tyrannise method, and the modernly emphasized concept of democracy. These political formations would be adopted by the Romans (like much of Greek culture at the time), who then infused the system with the concepts of Stoicism. The result ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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