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Name Date Course Section/# An Analysis of the Sociological, Psychological, and Philosophical Aspects of Globalisation with Reference to the European Economic Crisis The preponderance of evidence clearly points to the fact that globalisation has a major affect on how societies, individuals, and governments interact with the “other”…
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Download file to see previous pages As such, rather than approaching globalisation from the tired perspective of economic and business interdependencies, this brief analysis will seek to shed a level of understanding on the ways that globalisation has had, and continues to have, a profound impact on the way that sociological, psychological, and philosophical understandings of the current situation are made. By seeking to understand each of these three component pieces of the same question, the reader/researcher can begin to understand the root level of cohesion that helps to instill cross-cultural understandings of identity which serve to help hold the Euro zone together by means of a shared sense of belonging and purpose; all of which are fundamentally affected by the understanding of globalism’s net good for the respective societies. Expressing the means by which sociological globalisation has impacted the individuals living within the Euro zone requires one to analyze the extent to which Euro citizenship has been accepted. ...
331). This idea which has been reinforced and assimilated into the collective countries that comprise the Euro zone has been the very foundation of what the sociological impacts of the European economic crisis portend to the affected societies. Similarly, the way in which the respective member-states and their societies engaged with this idea over the past 13 years has been a large determinant upon the way that sociology has been effected by globalisation within the nations in question(Ianitskii 2010, p. 14). This is of course not to imply that globalisation did not occur prior to the formation of the European Union; rather, the formation of this abstract concept that has bound together otherwise disparate nations and cultures has meant that the formation of identity has been especially strong. One cannot simply dismiss the concept of identity formation without seeking to understand the means by which this new identity affects individuals on both the systemic (sociological) and individual (psychological) mechanisms. With respect to the sociological understandings that have been discussed above, it has been noted that the societies of Europe have become cognizant and aware of their place within the governmental structure and economies of the Euro Zone. As such, this cognizance has led to a shareholder belief and understanding that the nations themselves have a type of shared burden in upholding the structure that is the EU (Schatz 2007, p. 330). Whereas but a few years before, it is doubtful if any such structure could have existed or more importantly could have compelled individuals to give of their resources, time, energy, and support of such an abstract idea, the sociological means whereby the EU ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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