How might the argument and findings in Unequal Childhoods contribute to our understanding of how the class structure in our soci - Essay Example

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Unequal Childhoods and the class structure Introduction The social structure in today’s society does allow children to grow in different background. The world has become hostile thus people have turned to be materialistic as one of their defense mechanism…
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How might the argument and findings in Unequal Childhoods contribute to our understanding of how the class structure in our soci
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Download file to see previous pages The structures are defined with the success in life. Success in life is now defined by the quantity and quality of extrinsic possession. The pursuit of money, wealth and other material possessions are being perceived as determinants of pleasure and meaning in life. People have turned to technology to make life easier, but the same people have developed an addiction for it, which is making life more complicated. Culture has also played a role in materialism because people have placed great emphasis on economic accomplishment rather than contentment. Individuals aspire to meet their financial goals and get materialistic assets to gain a social recognition. Diligence has been exclusively associated with economic success. This has made self-identity defines with possessions; such norms have placed excessive value monetary success and material possessions. People have become materialistic thus viewing wealth acquisition as the centre of life, and crucial success, which is vital for their happiness. Financial individuals view success as the most valued life goal as if there are not other goals a person can pursue (Lareau 65). When materialism has a strong value in a society it implicates the people’s desires, the decisions they make and their social behavior. People are losing faith in the social and traditional norms but they want to prove that they are still sensible to the human existence. Every person is interested in accumulating more wealth than the other accumulates which has now become survival for the fittest when it comes to wealth accumulation. This has caused the gap between the rich and the poor to widen since the rich are becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer. Wealth competition has resulted in hostile situations. Every person has a dream to reach a certain status in life, which they believe is achievable through a concerted effort. Urbanization has also caused materialism because there are social changes and integrated social norms (Gollnick and Chinn 89). External orientation acts, as a prime element to materialism in which positive self regard and self-acceptance is dependent on possessions, money, power and image. Materialistic people evaluate themselves and others by their money, wealth and possessions. Such people live their lives by continuous judgment, which may make their lives inflexible and unsatisfactory. Their energy and efforts are directed in acquiring terminal acquisitions. Materialism can be related to attempts that materialists make in avoiding unfavorable impressions as opposed to attempts of creating positive, strong image and self-presentation. Materialists are unwilling to be appearing weak or vulnerable to others, instead they want to be seen as strong and socially attractive. Parents and peers can be influential to their children and hence develop in them this materialistic personality. Peers and parents are the socializing agents that an adolescent is mostly associated with. Consumption attitudes, monetary goals and ambitious motives are transmitted to this adolescent (Fussey 78). The fact that these adolescents view their parents as their source of emotional support and their well being psychologically increases their dependence in parents. Adolescents from a less privileged background may have an increased perception on material goods. Financial achievements and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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