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In postmodern society such as Britain, are traditional family and marriage necessary - Essay Example

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“Traditional Family and Marriage In Post Modern Society” [University] [Instructor Name] In a postmodern society such as Britain, are traditional family and marriage necessary? Introduction The expression ‘Post’ refers to an after state which has suppressed the previous conditions, behaviors or attitudes i.e…
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In postmodern society such as Britain, are traditional family and marriage necessary
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Download file to see previous pages The postmodern society such as Britain has abandoned and demolished many old customs and traditions of olden times for instance, in Britain women was not supposed to work, there people used to follow a stable and years old family system comprising of parents, children and at times grandparents as well. But as the time passed things greatly changed the prevailing industrial era was surpassed by a postmodern era in which communications and knowledge changed the standards of the society by giving way to technological development and establishing greater sense of independence. However all these developments leaded to the destruction of traditional family system in which marriage was an essential element of building secure status in the society and was considered a respectable act. Methodology: Mainly the secondary sources are utilized in this research paper. Key terms: Post modern society, Traditional family and Marriage. Background Before going into greater details of discussion it is better to have a clear understanding of the term ‘family’. Some sociologist considers it as a setup in which married couple lives with their children. It can also be referred to a single parent living with children or a whole group comprising of different families (parents and children) living together such as that in the eastern countries which may also be termed as extended family systems (Dallal Stevens, 2007). This family system is has been greatly challenged by the post modernization and it is superseded by the new norms of the society in which family does not play a major role. Yet there are few schools of thought which consider it a necessary element of the society. Discussion and Arguments The functionalist approach is based on the principles of the traditional family and it supports the concept of marriage to a major extent as it says that a family is a social institution which fulfills the sexual needs of genders and helps them to reproduce within the limits of the societal norms. It provides the members of the society with the basic needs of food, shelter and clothing. Children grow in the supervision of their parents and hence they possess greater reflection of morals and values which ultimately makes them a better human being and citizen. Family provides the best friendship, affection and most importantly protection to the members of the society. Therefore it is consider a biggest consumption component of the society (Victor James Callan, Patricia Noller, 1987). The functionalist refers to the idea that the maintenance of stable social structure can only be achieved by proper family setup through which all the basic human needs are fulfilled within the legal and moral limits (Jon Bernardes, 2002). On the other hand Politicians have always shown a greater concern about the family matters whether it is a traditional family setup or the post modern. They are interested about things like who marries whom? When the marriage has taken place, the documental and legal perspectives of marriage, issues related to property, etc. (Marvin B. Sussman,, 1999) Previously the same gender marriages were unacceptable by the Politicians and governmental laws however the post modern society does not only recognizes the gay marriages but also gives it legal protection. The new right has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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