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Cultural Diversity in America No: Date: Cultural Diversity in America Brief Before discussing the case of Maria and Alex, it is necessary to view the American Law Enforcement Agency and the Employment Law. Here is the case example of a British Citizen whose case was fought and won Equal Employment Opportunity Commission of United States of America (EEOC)…
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Cultural diversity in America
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Download file to see previous pages When she arrived at her place of work, she was informed by the employer that they were expecting a white color woman instead of black. Due to color discrimination, she was not given any assignment by her superiors. The other two whites attached with the same project, given ample opportunities to grow and boost up career. Due to indifferent attitude of her supervisor, based on race and color, she raised her voice which led her dismissal from the employment. In accordance with Civil Rights Act of 1964, discrimination in employment on the basis of race and color is prohibited. On the basis of mentioned discriminations, the competent court of law ordered the defendant northwest company to pay compensation to the British Citizen amounting to USD 30000. Further, the defendant company will undertake to introduce antidiscrimination policy and procedure within their work place and train the staff about the anti-discriminatory attitude (Naylor, 1997). ...
It’s not true. Recently white employees complained favorable treatment of the employers at the expense of black employees (Naylor, 1999). Court Rulings Court rulings through the years make the company responsible to introduce anti-discriminatory policies and procedures to deal with the issues of discrimination caused by the race, color, origin and religion at the time of employment of individuals. According to the rulings, if any organization is found to be involved in discriminatory practices regarding the pre-employment process (screening or testing) or the employer asks unacceptable questions during the course of interview of employee, the organization will be addressed according to law. It is worth mentioning here that if a lesser qualified white is hired over the highly qualified black, and then court will consider that a symbol of racial discrimination since visible difference in qualifications will be treated as the act racial discrimination by the court of law (Naylor, 1999). Case in Point Maria is a Latino woman who faced a racial discrimination at the workplace. She was deprived of promotion. Alex was promoted at work place said by woman. According to the woman, Alex was a fast learner and good performer. It is a matter of fact that the promotee in question is less qualified and less experienced as compared to Maria. It is another thing that she did not prove herself a good performer and quick learner. The apparent reasons for not being promoted to Maria are a) her pinching accent and b) feminine gender. Therefore, cited reasons are enough to prove discrimination on the part of her manager. Possible solution At the very first step, the employer should introduce “Pay for Performance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cultural Diversity in America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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