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Cultural Integration: A Diverse America - Research Paper Example

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This research paper, Cultural Integration: A Diverse America, stresses that culture is a way of living of a certain community of people. This entails differences in language, traditions, ethnicity, behaviour and other things that separate one community from the other…
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Cultural Integration: A Diverse America
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Download file to see previous pages As the discussion declares since culture is what makes a group of people different from the other, it makes us know who a certain group is. Christians for one are known to start and end a prayer with the sign of the cross. Their prayers end with an Amen, too. These behaviours that this group of people have are part of their culture.
The origin of a person may be distinguished by merely observing his/her behaviour. Just like with what is mentioned in the earlier paragraph, a person who does the sign of the cross is a Christian. The same goes with ethnicity. You will easily know if the person is an Asian, African, Latino and so forth by just looking at the skin colour. A yellow skin is surely an Asian; a white is a European or someone who has European
Thi paper outlines that America has an Anglo majority that is dominant politically and economically. One of the most essential characteristics America has as a country is its ordeal with slavery and the socio-economic inequalities based on race. The former is primarily an economic phenomenon. With the country’s history, slavery has coexisted with socio-economic inequalities in the 16th century until the early 20th century. The main example in the modern day is the Southern US. Approximately 4 million slaves lived in the US with a market value closely to $4 billion just before the Civil War. People in power enjoyed the benefits they get from their slaves that can be compared to their assets.
The Southern US was formed through its withdrawal from the Union before the Civil War and was linked to slavery with a number of succeeding battles for civil rights of African-Americans. In the modern day, these are the sunshine states and the new economic frontiers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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