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Applying and Synthesizing the Sociological Imagination - Essay Example

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Applying and Synthesizing the Sociologic?al Imagination? Introduction The authors Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels started the manifesto of communism with a well-known and confrontational phrase which is as “history of all hitherto existing societies is the history of class struggle”…
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Applying and Synthesizing the Sociological Imagination
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Download file to see previous pages The efforts and struggles started to reduce the economic differences and to retain the right from powerful such as slaves were against on war with masters and all of those who were less in power in monetary sense. The present industrialized society has been formed through the struggles and effort war of merchant class in order to refute the feudal class. The treasures from the heart of earth were explored in order to get economic development through socio economic well-being of the society. Through struggling so far the lower class was now able to replace the next class through continuous team and collective efforts. Bourgeois view reveals that world is an open market of exchange (concept of globalization). It tends towards fastening the pace of the world as well as the society. It reduces the rural society and improves urbanization. This drives the revolutionary industrialization as to get benefits from bourgeois view. Class struggle amphitheater at larger scale leads towards factory concept. The bourgeois view is the cause of exploitation of some certain class. Then the working class comes on the action against the factory management. Hence the view suggests that they produce the seed which provisionally come against them afterwards. Summary of Sociological Imagination The vibrant know how of the connection among the society (in wider perspective) and the personal experiences. In order to widely understand the sociological imagination, one has to understand the social contentions, agreements, individuals, as well as the actions related to society. The main theme of sociological imagination is “many social actions lead towards societal outcomes”. The individuals who get affected by the social actions are the actors who are to produce some socially related outcomes in the answer of such issues. All the systematic discussion may be enclosed as the phenomenon of sociological imagination is highly procedural and observable. It includes problem or question, societal affects and impacts. Connection The Marx study on communist party is surrounding around the economic well-being of some class in society. There are a number of effects which are revealed through this problem. The lower class was about to be on war with upper class who were about to exploit their rights. The social affects were resulted in terms of socially collective efforts such that they got a level of class differences reduced after putting their efforts. It was the working or merchant class of that time (started through ancient Rome empires time frame). The response of these actions could be observed in such a way that world as a global exchange market concept started to be aroused. It tended to work over another concept of industrialization. After industrialization concept was in to the debate, working class was again being exploited through the hands of management. This is the cyclic view of communism or Marxism concept with respect of sociological imagination. Real time example I personally believe that credit card debt holding to general public as a facility is an ill concept for economy as well as personal prosperity. It has long term effects on the socio economic welfare. The credit card over drafts effect in such a way that people spend more than their need because they find the capacity, it ultimately impacts in economic problems like inflation. It is because the debt ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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