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This discussion is law based topic of sociology. It includes the description of mediation. It covers the interview from a mediator who practices the mediation in a court. Mediation is a term used in law which means to resolve disputes among parties…
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Download file to see previous pages As the report stresses the person who practices the mediation is called mediator. He/she aim to negotiate a settlement among parties. Negotiation is made on variety of disputes that may be commercial or legal, community or family matters. Mediation is kept confidential, not disclosed to others. Only the parties and the mediator know about the case under study. Mediator performs his/her services on impartial basis. He/she do not give any valuable feedback but just facilitate the parties and make impartial decisions.This paper declares that in mediation different techniques are used that are aimed at helping the disputants to settle the matter. Mediators are specialized in different field. They have popularity on the basis of certificates and license and training in the specific area. Mediator performs services that produce such results on which both parties are mutually agreed. The benefit of mediation is that mediated agreement is enforceable in court and court and parties are responsible to oblige the results of the results attained from mediation. A mediator does not only treat only a specific type of case. The nature of case is different. But I got that case on family matters are mostly under study. Family matters like the marriages and divorce are cases mostly practiced by that person. This field of mediation rewards same as a attorney get reward. Reward is received in the form of honor and money received from the client. Most difficult thing observed regarding mediation is to become impartial while resolving the dispute. Because parties try their best that decision should be in their favour. This is the critical moment where a mediator takes mature and conscious step toward decision. Mediation is different type of vocation. Mediator is ambitious to solve different matter through different methods. Mediation is considered as ancillary mediation. It is helping entity that helps out the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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