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Technology Benefits for Humanity - Essay Example

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Our generation was born into an era that takes technology for granted. Having the ability to do things like search for information, talk to our friends from any point in the world, and stay instantly connected to the world around us are things that are part and parcel of life in the 21st century…
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Technology Benefits for Humanity
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Technology Benefits for Humanity

Download file to see previous pages... Our generation was born into an era that takes technology for granted. Having the ability to do things like search for information, talk to our friends from any point in the world, and stay instantly connected to the world around us are things that are part and parcel of life in the 21st century. It was Jeff Skoll who best described how the human race benefits immensely from the existence of technology in our daily lives. Quoted in Forbes Magazine for an article (Rahim, Kanani “A Minute with Jeff Skoll on Technology and Global Change”), he explains that: Today, technology is the social catalyst empowering communities in all corners of the globe to improve their lives and shape their collective future.  Modern technology is opening floodgates of information and influence historically reserved only for those in power.  It not only helps to uncover the way to tackle a big issue, technology also helps to stimulate the most elusive and most needed breakthrough of all:  the will to act in our collective self-interest. Our collective self-interest is most commonly seen in the desire for self-preservation. As a society, our scientific experts know that our resources on the planet are not infinite and therefore must be cared for and propagated to the best of our abilities. However, the physical and mental abilities of man are limited in scope and require further help in that aspect. This is where the ingenious minds of the scientist and creative thinkers comes in. By developing technologies that can do what we only imagine, technology proves that is actually has a place in the existence and continued evolution of mankind. Technology saves us time and money. It allows us to do things that we can only dream of or can only accomplish on a limited basis. Our farmers used to plant their seeds and harvest their crop by hand. These processes used to take them days or even weeks on end to accomplish. Problems due to the frailty of man usually meant lost income for them. However, by using computers and machines to do the job of humans, they not only doubled production in the agricultural sector, but they also improved the quality of their products. Sadly, the reason that technology benefits human beings is also the very same reason that they pose a danger to our species. For every technological advancement in any given field, one can bet that there will be hundreds, if not thousands of human manual laborers who are set to lose their jobs (Kim, Sun Jin “Advantages and Disadvantages of Advanced Technology”). Such situations make it clear to see that technological advancements also pose a check and balance situation for human beings. It reminds us that although robots and computers can do the job, it still takes a highly trained human being on the other end to make these advancements work. One of the most high profile opponents of technological advancement is the Catholic Pope Benedict XVI. He has often argued that technology is evil because it allows humans to act like God. As one listens to his arguments though, the listener must remember that the Catholic church has been against any scientific and technological discoveries and advancements since the time of Galileo. As an ancient religion, it has become irrelevant and lacks a thorough understanding of the relevance of technology in the lives of 21st century people. If one is to grant that the argument of the pope has some merit, then one must also admit that the statement of the pope is based upon a lack of understanding of how technology truly affects the lives of modern day man. The benefit for modern day man can actually be explained in one concise statement (Reilly, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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